Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Weighty Thoughts

Today I just lifted weights.  My knee is feeling pretty good and I thought I'd save it for my 8 mile tempo run tomorrow.  That will be a real test!  I love how running teaches and reinforces life lessons.  On Saturday while I was running with Jodi we were talking about how the program increases a bit each week for 3 weeks and then backs off a little to allow the body to adjust to the new mileage and absorb the training.  Then the program steps it back up again and more progress is made.  I was thinking how this relates so much to things we do to grow in life.  If we take things to the extreme without slowing down and take time to absorb it, we will for sure get burned out very quickly.  Whether it's learning math, or scrapbooking, or even studying the scriptures, we need that time to ponder and let things soak in.  I love how President Hinckley was always telling us to take time from our busy lives to ponder and meditate.  It truly rejuvenates the soul.  Running is such a great time to ponder anything that is going on in our lives.  We were told on Sunday that Sherry Dew said that to be steadfast and immovable means we can't press the pause button in our lives.  I thought about this and how it would apply to what I was thinking about and I've decided that it means we keep moving forward with our goals in mind, but that we need to pause to meditate and ponder the solemnities of the eternities.  Sterling W. Still said that when we ponder on things of an eternal nature we are having the same thoughts that God thinks.  That's a pretty cool thing to think about!

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Jodi said...

That was sooooooooooooo good! It is amazing how much running relates to other things in life!