Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tempo run again!

There were several good things about my tempo run today.  First, I procrastinated again this week because I ended up going to Ogden to get Easter stuff with Holly.  I had already promised the kids that we could go to the park after school today and so I thought I'd just run around the park while we were there.  It's a 1/4 of a mile around and that meant that I'd have to do 24 laps.  It was so nice being outside for my tempo run that it wasn't too miserable, although misery still played a major part.  And I know for sure that my treadmill is OFF because I can run much faster outside than what that machine tells me I am running!  Now for the complaints:  my shins were killing me again today and my lungs were screaming by lap 16 so I walked for 15 seconds that lap and the next one.  Then I was able to finish up without too much trouble.  When we were on our way home we passed Mickell who was just starting to run and I asked her why she was running without me!  She followed me home and we ran another mile around the block.  She's pretty fast and I didn't like the hill we started out on.  So here's the eating specs for today:

3:00 hungry so ate South Beach bar (probably too much protein but couldn't think of anything else)
3:50 run 6 miles at tempo pace drinking 1 glass of accelerade
4:00 drink 1/2 glass of accelerade before going with Mickell
5:30 eat eggs, salmon, hashbrowns, and milk  (again, probably too much protein and not enough carbs.  Guess I'll be able to tell on my next workout!)
later, legs feel tired and start to get a headache.  Drink more water immediately and eat a pancake.

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