Friday, February 8, 2013

Winners of Vi Endurance and a winter trail run

First:  the winners of the Vi Endurance gels:  RunKatie, Susette, and Jeff Gallup!  E-mail me your addresses and I'll get the info to Vi Endurance!  Congrats!  You will love them.  

I got to go to Salt Lake and run with my brother last Saturday.  We ran 12.5 miles with about 8 miles of trail.  The thing I love about my trails (little traffic) means that they're unrunable during the winter.  However, in Salt Lake, the trails get used a lot and are packed down well so it makes running the trails great.  It was a good test for my ankle which did well.  We did have a time where we lost track of the trail for a bit and tracked through some knee deep snow but otherwise it was great!  And even trudging through the snow was fun.  I had so much fun with my brother and it felt good to have a great run!

His wife made us banana nut pancakes afterwards with strawberries and eggs.  That may have been one of my highlights of the day!