Monday, March 10, 2008

Speed Workout

Great speed work out again today!  I love the shorter distances.  There's definite pain, but at least I know there's a break right around the corner!  I did 800 meters today 4 times with 1 1/2 minutes recovery time.  I decided to challenge myself, since I was able to complete the tempo run last week, and do it faster than I was scheduled to.  It was hard, but I was able to complete it with the last one being the fastest.  Doing the last part of any workout faster than the beginning is one of my goals for this year so that my body gets used to pushing it even when I'm tired.  Well here's the specs:

Kashi cereal with blueberries and milk and vitamins.
1/2 glass of acclelerade and 1/2 more during workout.  
Finished with glass of accelerade to recover.


Jodi said...

Tell me more about the Accelerade??????????

Jen said...

Accelerade is just a brand of sports drink that I use on my 3 key workouts for the week. It has 1/4 protein in it along with carbs to help keep your muscles fueled during the run and it works as a great recovery drink to make sure your next workout is good. That's the short explanation, if you want more info, let me know and I'll bore you to death with all the details!