Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dreaded Tempo Workout!

Wow!  I knew it was going to be a hard one today, but wow!  My tempo (running at a speed a little slower than 10k pace for a sustained amount of time) workout today was a killer.  I knew it would be just because it was 8 miles and the farthest I've been able to do previous to this was 4 miles.  I really dread those tempo workouts.  I like the speed ones because you know there's always a break ahead and even if you're running faster, you know it will come to an end.  But today was much different.  I know they'll make me a better runner, but oh how I dread them.  Last year when I was training, I never did them faithfully.  I would do the miles, but never in the time limit that I was supposed to.  And I really didn't care as long as I was able to finish the marathon before all the drink stations closed down.  But now this year, I want to do better than last year, so I need to make myself do the workouts.  It was a mental game for sure.  I did it on the treadmill, which is horrible in itself for that amount of miles.  But I started a counting game.  I talk to myself while I'm running and don't even care if that makes me crazy.  It helps!  I told myself that I could take a drink every 4 laps.  So pretty soon I was counting down to every 4th lap.  Then I figured out how many laps I was going to be doing-32.  That sounded like a lot.  But pretty soon I was at lap 11 and I figured out that I was 1/3 of the way done.  Not bad.  Can't wait for the next drink.  Want to listen to my new and more upbeat music, but it's further down the list.  Tell myself that I'll need it more later on.  Lap 16 came and I gave myself the little pep talk that I was half way done.  Anything from here on out was on the down hill stretch at least.  About that time by right shin is starting to tighten up (in other words HURT!) and I can feel my hip flexor about lap 20.  But at lap 20 I congratulate myself on going further than before and tell myself there's only 3 miles left.  3 miles, 12 laps, but only 2 more to go until I'm 2/3 of the way done!  It's getting harder but I keep going, changing the music faster now, skipping songs that just aren't doing it for me.  Lap 24 passes, get a drink and start to repeat mantras that have worked in the past.  I am soft, fast, smooth.  Swift feet, light feet.  I believe I can.  Keep going, keep going.  Works for the next 4 laps.  Now I only have 4 more to go.  Can't believe I've been running this long.  Right shin and hip flexor are really tight now.  Try to ignore and just finish.  Realize that I haven't shifted my music to the good stuff yet and quickly try to find it down on the list.  Try to concentrate on having good form and finishing strong.  Count down the last 4 laps....3....2....1 more!  After completing the last lap of 8 miles I walk one last lap to cool down.  Though I'm tired and hungry and my hip and shin are hurting, I feel good and very excited that I completed it.  Now I just hope there's not a long one like this for a few weeks!


7:30 1/2 of hubby's homemade cinnamon roll (I know!  But it was the last one and I have been so good about not eating the whole pan!)
9:00  realize I didn't take my vitamins (they seem to help if I take them in the morning and I think they keep me up if I take them at night.)  Eat a whole banana to keep me from getting sick.
9:05  Holly calls and asks if I want to go to Ogden with her.  Tell her I can't because of dreaded 8 mile run.
9:20  Take Justin to school and think I'm going to have to pull over and puke.  Guess the banana didn't work.
10:00  Still feel like puking.  Lie down with Logan and watch Dora the Explorer.
11:00  Holly calls and asks how run was.  Confess I haven't started yet.  Thinking that I should just do it tomorrow.  No, that just makes me dread it one more day.
11:15  Get dressed and make accelerade drink.  Decide it's been a while since I've eaten last, so make 1/2 glass of accelerade and go!
1:30  Drink one more glass of accelerade for recovery and eat lunch.

Later that night:  About 5 o'clock start to get a headache.  Don't think I've eaten enough today.  Eat dinner but it doesn't help much.  Go to bed at 9:00 to try and get rid of headache.  

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