Friday, March 21, 2008

Longest Tempo Run Yet!

Well, I did it.  The longest tempo run I've ever done.  Last year in the marathon program I completed the tempo runs as far as the mileage goes, but could never do it in the time I was supposed to.  So I guess they weren't really tempo runs.  This year I am determined to complete them in the time I'm supposed to.  It's my real weak spot (well, one of the many) and I can't believe I am able to do it.  I ran 8 miles at tempo pace and the first 4 felt pretty good.  I resisted the urge to turn up the speed a little knowing that I still had quite a ways to go, telling myself that if I still felt good, I'd do it at the end.  Between miles 6 and 7 were pretty tough but I pushed the speed up for the last mile and made it!  My knee didn't hurt although it was still tight.  I stretched really good afterwards and iced it.  

8:30  ate Kashi blueberry cereal and milk and vitamins.
11:00 ran and drank 12 oz. accelerade during the workout.
12:45 drank Edurox R4 to recover. (1-1/2 scoops)
1:30 ate leftover cashew chicken and rice

11:00p.m.  quads are really sore and IT band has been hurting all night.  Janz rolling pinned it and I took ibuprofen before bed.

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