Sunday, March 9, 2008

Neither Rain, nor Sleet, nor Snow shall keep me from my long run!

When I got up early so that I could run with Jodi, I thought about going back to bed after I looked out the window.  It was raining.  And not just raining, it was still cold.  So I bundled up and got all my gear together:  water pack filled with Accelerade, cell phone, i pod, gloves, hat, vest, jacket and forgot my chapstick.  Decided that I could leave the sunglasses home today.  I drank 1/2 a glass of accelerade and took my vitamin, hoping that I wouldn't get sick.  Jodi came and off we went.  I picked a bad route this time.  It was petty much all the way uphill.  Just a slight incline for most of the way, but still uphill.  It started to snow and sleet.  It started stinging our faces.  I stayed pretty warm, surprisingly except for my face!  We finished the first 6 1/2 miles and Jodi went home to get ready for a sealing.  I stuck my i pod in and went around the loop again, dreading the upcoming uphills.  It went by surprisingly fast and I even saw a few friends along the way, some running and I saw Holly driving home from the gym.  I looked down at one point and the snow had accumulated on the front on my pants.  When I walked in the door my kids and hubby started to laugh at me.  I guess my hair went all kind of matted and wet looking.  Janz grabbed the camera and took a picture before I went in the bathroom to see for myself.  Yep, it was bad.  The pictures didn't even do it justice!  It took 2 hours and 11 mins:  a 10 minutes 4 sec per mile pace.  I finished with 1 glass of accelerade and then about an hour later had oatmeal and milk.  Felt good the rest of the day.  I decided that I should be a postman; neither, rain nor sleet nor snow shall keep me from running!


A N T I said...

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Jodi said...

Ok.....where's the picture??!!!
Come on put it on!!! lol

Jen said...

well, you missed it! I had it on there and it looked so bad that I decided to take it off! Next time we'll pose together and then I'll put it on!