Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Taper

This week was quite a contrast to last week.  I didn't really feel like running even though it is my taper week and it was only 10 miles.  (Logan being up all night didn't help and that cold is not going away like I want it to!)  The upside being that it was only 10 miles and I would have a running partner for the whole run!  This would be Jodi's longest run yet and I was excited for her.  The other good thing was the weather was supposed to be nice.  I got up later than I have been and we didn't leave until after 10:30.  But by then it was pretty nice and I even got to wear short sleeves by about halfway through.  The run was nice, I had trouble breathing due to the cold, felt like I needed more drinks today than normal, and talking was once again a challenge.  We were able to do a negative split with the first lap of 5 miles in 54 minutes and the second lap in 48 minutes.  A 10 minute 11 second pace overall.  I took my ice bath again for fun.  (Logan asked if I was having a bubble bath!  If only!)  My legs weren't feeling too bad, but I don't want to risk it.  I really can't believe that in one week from today I'll be done running another marathon.  Last year I couldn't wait for the taper.  But I really think I was a tad overtrained last year.  Because it's sooner this year I think I may go nuts next week!  But the way I was feeling today...who knows...maybe I'll love it! 

I also get to carbo load the end of this week.  I didn't do it right last year (ate too much protein and not enough carbs) and hope to do better this year.  But that means recording what I eat and I hate doing that!  After next week, my training will be weird as I try to recover from the marathon and try to get in a few long runs and then taper for the next marathon.  The normal taper starts at 3 weeks and I may not even be recovered by then.  I'll guess I'll just have to see how I feel and play it by ear.  


Michael said...

Way yo go Jen ... and Jodi. My prediction is this will be your best marathon time. You seem very focussed and confident. Maintain a healthy fear of the 26.2, but don't let it beat you. Drink lots of water and carb up, carb up, and carb up! Enjoy the taper. M

Jodi said...

Darn you have to carbo load! How awful is that? lol I think that's going to be my new motivation for the long runs. "But, honey, we are having lasagna every night this week, because it is in my training plan." I could really go for that!

I should have done the ice bath. I can NOT believe how drained that run today made me. I think I should have just kept moving, but not sure I could have. I am totally wiped out. I slept for about two hours and my old bod is still stiff and just feels spent! Hmm.... not sure how I will add THREE more miles onto this and SURVIVE! I should have done the ice bath. I think I may next time.
Thanks for the run. Once again I am amazed at how fast it went! Why do I feel so good (well mostly) while running and then so dead after?

Oh and thanks Michael. I will have to visit your blog!

The Hoyt's said...

Wow you guys are awesome.. I'v been kinda following yours and jodi's progress. Sounds fun.. However i do not know how you can do ice baths. brrr sounds horrible. I never knew you were this big time runner.. Good for you. you go girl...Hope you dont mind im going to add you to my page.. Take care and good luck on your upcoming marathon..