Thursday, April 17, 2008

Carbo Loading Workout!

It seems crazy that I would only have to run 3 miles today!  But I did it and it felt good.  I think I may have overdone a little on my speed workout on Tuesday because my right quad has felt sore ever since.  It doesn't feel any better today and I'm a tiny bit worried that maybe it's a pull and not a sore muscle.  I don't really know what I can do for it at this point.  I stretched it good after my run today and I guess I'll just try and do that again tonight and tomorrow and hope for the best.  I started my carbo loading today right after my workout.  I read in my latest running book a different carbo loading method by the Western Australians that only requires 24 hours of carbo loading.  But it requires sprinting at 90% for 2 1/2 minutes followed immediately by 30 seconds of all out sprinting.  It is supposed to be done the day before the marathon, but can be done 2 days prior to as long as you keep the carbs up the following day.  I did this (HARD!!!) at the end of my miles and then cooled down and started my carbo loading.  

I think it is going to be harder than I thought doing without the protein and fat I am used to.  If you want to read the whole research on carbo loading, visit here.  I figured out how many carbs I was supposed to eat today and tomorrow and it's CRAZY!!!  552 grams of carbs or 2208 calories worth of carbs!  That just sounds so outrageous, but it's only 2 days and I got started late today so I don't know if I can even fit in that many carbs!  My fat allowance for the day is 31 grams and my protein is 69 grams.  I've actually already gone over that in the protein for the day and as I sit and type, I'm eating Raisin Bran with no milk!  I for sure didn't do this last year, so maybe this will help!  We live in this carb phobia world and as much as I don't think I'm impacted by this, I must be a little, because this sounds nuts!  But I thought ice baths were nuts a month ago until I tried them, so who knows!

So I think I'm having a freak out about the marathon day every other day now because Monday I was absolutely crazy and Tuesday I was o.k. and then Wednesday I was so nervous my stomach felt physically sick and then today I'm fine.  So if that pattern continues, I'll freak out tomorrow and be fine the day of the marathon!  My mom used to always get sick a couple of nights before one of my brother's big games.  I thought she was so silly to get physically sick from nerves.  I guess this is my payback for thinking that and now I have a lot of empathy for her.  

My i-pod started having problems last night when I was trying to download some new stuff.  We got an Mac for Christmas and still have the Windows version downstairs.  Well it was having problems with me mixing and matching computers and was telling me that it was full when I know it wasn't.  So I had to reinstall it and I lost all my playlists.  So I put most of the music back on today, but I still have to go and rearrange everything.  I had on my long run playlist all the slower paced music and the beginning and the faster stuff at the end to get me through when I need the energy.  So I guess that will be tomorrow's project.  We are going out tomorrow night to the Temple and then dinner and won't be back until late.  Then I'm leaving about 4:30 a.m. so I better get everything ready and set out tomorrow so I don't forget anything!  I did have one freak out moment today when I looked at the counter at the bottom of the blog and it said 2 days to Salt Lake City Marathon!  AHHHHHHHHH!


bryan said...

The best thing you can do for yourself right now is relax. Don't stress the carbs, don't stress the leg, and don't stress whatever else will surely pop up in your head next.

I just found your blog (through a blog feed on The Complete Lens of Running Books) and I can already see that you've done the work for your marathon. Now is not the time to stress the little things.

Now is the time to reap the rewards for your hard work! Enjoy it!

Jodi said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! I am just as nervous for you! BUT, no need, as Bryan says to stress now! Just ENJOY the run. Remember this mostly for fun! YOu are going to do so well! I just know it! I will be thinking about you all morning and wishing you were here to be my run bud tommorow! YOU WILL DO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


Lindsay S said...

Hope the marathon went well. That wind was brutal!! Cant wait to read how it went. I dont mind at all if you add me, I will do the same for you!!

The Hoyt's said...

Ok so im excited to hear how the marathon was and how you did...hope all went well. cant wait to read about it.