Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Trying to outrun the Rain!

It looked pretty nice out today so I decided to try out the jogging stroller and just go for a nice easy run.  Logan was pretty excited.  There's always a high chance we'll see some trucks along the way.  Especially garbage trucks since it's Wed.  As soon as we started going the sky started to turn dark and it looked like it might rain.  We were pretty far away from home when the wind started and it began to rain a little.  I started booking it for home and by the time we got back, it had started to snow.  But I think we made it back before the worst of it because while we were eating lunch it was really coming down.  Good little run.  Ended up being about a 4 mile run.  The cold that I've been fighting off pretty well, was pretty bad this morning.  Hopefully it goes away completely.  It hasn't been all that bad, it's just still there.  

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Jodi said...

Dang you should have called me! I wimped totally out today! I saw lots of garbage trucks while I was out though! Hope Logan did too!