Thursday, April 10, 2008

Short Tempo Work

I always get excited for the shorter tempo days until I get on and start them, realizing that they are at a faster pace than the longer tempos, so they are still challenging even though they are shorter.  I had a 2 mile easy pace followed by 3 miles at tempo pace.  It started off rough because I had to get on and off the treadmill multiple times in the first lap.  Logan needed a snack, wanted my drink, so I had to get him a drink; not water or milk, so I made Crystal Light, needed a bathroom break, changed the channel for Logan, changed my music and was finally on my way.  It went by pretty quick today.  The last couple of laps were pretty tough though.  I did plyometrics for my lower half (I'm still a little sore from Tuesday) and did weights for upper body and core.  Good day, although I've been tired this afternoon.  Could have something to do with my cold.  Although that feels slightly better today too.

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Jodi said...

You are so good to follow your plan so well. I have been so bad this week that I think you may have to carry me home tomorrow! I AM SERIOUS!