Friday, May 9, 2008

It's here!

Well my shirts got here yesterday!  Talk about fast shipping!  I totally love both of them.  I'll wear one in the Ogden marathon and save the other one for the marathon I want to do in the fall. (Hopefully St. George!  I find out tonight if I made it through the lottery!)   The red one is a bit longer and has two BIG pockets in the back that will carry anything I need!  

The peachy one is pretty cool.  It's not as long as the other one, but it's longer than my other running shirts so woo hoo!  It's also got this cute little kangaroo pocket in the front that will be good to put chap stick or Advil or just one gel in.  I love the sleeves that are puckered a little at the top.  It gives it a real feminine look without being too tight.  It also has a big zip pocket in the back for storing other stuff.  I'll have to experiment to see which pocket will be best to put my phone in.  The back is almost cuter than the front with the Argyle print.  They're both comfy and the only thing I don't like in both of them is the neck line.  I wish it were more like a t-shirt, but the upside is it will protect me from the sun more.  I just don't like all the crazy tan lines I get running.  Oh well.  I'm excited that I found some cute clothes that will function well too.  Like Janzen says, running would be cheap if it wasn't a big fashion show!  He just doesn't understand that you're getting your picture taken that immortalizes forever that look of pain and misery and it's only faded a bit by that totally cute outfit you get to sport that day!

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anna jo said...

hurray! I love new running clothes! :)

speaking of cycling jerseys, though, I bought a super cute one a couple weeks ago, but I can't even wear it until I get cleared to ride my bike again by the goood doctor. but it is so freaking cute!!!