Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another beautiful day!

Logan saw me getting dressed to go running this morning and said, "don't get on the treadmill, mom."  I think he enjoyed our run as much as I did yesterday.  We got all ready and headed out, this time with the camera.  That is one good thing about taking the stroller, there's a handy dandy pocket in the back so that I can take extra stuff with me that I wouldn't normally take.  Like my big camera.  I took Logan by the tractors and some construction that I knew of and by all the horses.  We saw a steamroller that he wanted me to drive and back down to the trains.

Once again it was a beautiful day and I realized that I may go slower when I go with Logan, but I enjoy my surroundings more and see the world through different eyes.  

We went by some blossoming trees again but because of the slight breeze, the blossoms were blowing off and these beautiful pink petals were flying over us.  It was the closest I'll get to someone throwing flowers as I run by!  Pretty cool!  We went about 5 miles and enjoyed every bit of it!

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