Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Spring!

It was such a nice day that I simply couldn't run on the treadmill.  So I got my little Logan all ready, we put on our sunglasses and headed out in the jogging stroller.  I just took it easy again, well as much as you can pushing a stroller while running.  I took Logan down by the trains and it's a much different run with him along.  I notice, with his help, all the different trucks that go by.  We saw beverage trucks, mail trucks, diesel trucks, horse trucks, and trailer trucks. We saw busses, and garbage trucks, and the best part of all was that when we got to the train crossing, a train came along and blew its whistle at us.  Logan loved it!  I loved the sun being out and even felt slightly hot towards the end!  It's close to 70 degrees and I feel a little guilty writing this as I just read Michael's blog this morning and all the snow they had yesterday!  The trees along the streets are in full blossom and smell heavenly!  It finally feels like spring!  If only every spring day felt like today!  We went 6.5 miles.  

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