Thursday, May 8, 2008

Short one

I only had time to fit in a 4 miler this morning and I didn't even have time to get Logan ready so I just jumped on the treadmill and did an interval of hills and slower speed.  I didn't do anything faster than 10 miles per minute.  It was fun and went by very quickly.  I did weights for upper body and abs and stretched really good. 
 I'm getting a big excited for the big day.  Jodi got into the half marathon for sure and is planning to wait there for me so that we can finish together.  The full marathon, half, and relay are all sold out!  I really can't believe it!  Last year the full sold out, but wow!  Are there that many crazies out there!  I'm really excited because I know the course and I think I've learned a lot in the last year that should help me to do better this year.  Plus, I'll have Jodi there with me to finish!  I now know that I need to plan for my expectations not to be met and be able to deal with them.  I also know that whatever happens, I will finish and try again some other day.  I really love running and what it teaches me about myself!  

I ordered a new shirt that I hope gets here before Saturday so I can try it out on a longer run to see where I might need any Body Glide.  I am having a hard time finding a shirt with sleeves AND pockets in the back for storage.  I ended up looking on a biking website and ordered a jersey.  They all seem to have pockets and a variety of sleeve lengths and a really good selection of styles.  They can't be any worse than the shirts I've found for running that are usually too short in the torso for me and make my hips look even worse than they already do.  I'm sure those tights don't help either, but they're so comfy!  I'll update when it gets here! 

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Jodi said...

Oh man I wish I was as excited as you are! I can't believe I am even going to attempt this! I am CRAZY!!!!