Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Taper Week!

This week is always weird!  You train so hard and so long and then the week before...BAM, you do just about nothing!  Well nothing like you've been doing.  It seems weird and plays mental games with you but there must be wisdom in it!  I'm sure my body needs to continue to heal and get ready for more torture but it does seem weird!  I ran 3 miles today and felt like going farther, but didn't.  I was a little sore after Saturday's run and want to be completely ready for Saturday.  I lifted for my upper body and abs and stretched really good!  I need to make my appointment for my post marathon massage sometime soon or she'll be booked up like last time.  I want the whole hour this time!  It's coming!!!


Tall Girl Running said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... it's really great to hear from someone else running the same race. Just wish I'd been able to follow your training all along! I'll be sure to come back to read often, but for now, best of luck this Saturday. If you catch sight of a six foot blonde in a bright blue shirt, give me a holler. It's going to be a great day!

Jodi said...

Well for me I dont' feel like I am doing anything different! I already tapered! UGH! But I do feel MUCH better than yesterday! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT"S ALMOST HERE!

The Hoyt's said...

Hi jen,
I was wondering if I could get your email. i have a huge list of questions about training and marathons and thought maybe you caould have some awnsers for me but I dont want to take up all your comment page to do it.. lol