Monday, October 1, 2012

Time for some fun on the trails, winning a 5K, and an upcoming color run

After all the long trail runs this summer, which I have LOVED, I have been feeling a little burned out on running long.  So my runs lately have been shorter.  The intensity is still there, but I just don't feel like going on a long run.  And I have felt the pressure, that only I put on myself, come off.  As such I've really been enjoying myself.  I've still spent time on the trails and the fall beauty that is there for a few short weeks is spectacular.  In fact, I'm going to be sad when the color has faded because it is so gorgeous right now.  There are still trails I want to go on and I hope to get there before the color is all gone.

I also had a really fun time this weekend doing a local 5K for charity.  One of the really fun parts was that I won.  Yep, you read that right.  I took 1st place in the women's division and 6th place overall.  Mostly it was fun waiting for my kids to ask me if I won (because they always do...) and then answering to the affirmative.  That was great seeing the looks on their faces.  I am fully aware that this will never happen again and that it's only because the real racers were not there, but it was still kind of fun.  25:28.  Not even my best time, but it was kind of a tough course and I felt like I was pushing it pretty much the whole time.  There may have even been some dry heaving during the last 1/2 mile.  But I thought I might be the first woman and didn't want to lose my spot.  So I pushed it and just about puked.  Like I said, fun.

before the race
my goodies.  score! Best one...1lb. of Mrs. Cavenaugh's chocolate. 

Jodi took first in her age division.  

I also really cleaned up in the raffle winning a bunch of stuff worth around $90 not including my case of toilet paper that I won for 1st place.  Totally practical and even my favorite brand.

So what's next?  There's another 5K this weekend and then the next weekend a bunch of friends and I are going to do a color run.  So...we're making white tutus and wearing some funky knee socks and I'd like to find some 80's style sunglasses.  Plus, with a great group of friends, I know that we'll have a blast and come away very colorful!  Come join me if you can!

What's on your race calendar?
Any big races coming up?
Ever done a color run before?
Any tips for me?


Julia said...

omggggg. i want to come run those trails with you!!!! how beautiful!. i feel like i am in the same place with just not wanting to run long right now. today i made it to an hour for the first time since my ultra and that felt long enough. haha! after this weekend i just dont know what types of distances i want to run but i kinda want to stick to short for a while maybe. LOVE how you dominated that 5k and walked away with some serious prizes! you rock friend! miss you every day!

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

Congrats on the WIN!!!! That is awesome!
I really want to do a color run sometime. I guess that there was one in Spokane a couple of weeks ago so maybe we will have another one next year when I am healthy enough to race whenever I want.

Coy Martinez said...

Your winning time is totally my 5K PR! We're so much alike as far as running goes! I swear!

Those pics are so beautiful too! Fall is the best time of year so I'm always peaking on Instagram to see where you've been on the trail and what bright colors are out!

Penny said...

What beautiful scenery. I would love to run those trails. Congrats on your win girl. You Rocked. I'm actually doing the Color Run this weekend. I'm excited about it, i love race where you dont have to worry about time or pace you just do it with friends and have a good time doing it. Love those runs. Have fun at your color run in a couple of weeks.

Nelly said...

Congrats on the victory! And those trail pictures look amazing, what phenomenal colors you have in Utah.

Cory Reese said...

Ok. Wait. You won CHOCOLATE?!?!? Yet another reason to run! Congrats on your win.

And those colors on the Heaven.

Janice {Run Far} said...

Those trails look perfect. Love that you won chocolate. This past may I ran ( and won the women's division) a half marathon and puked twice the last half mile. Yuck

Mommy Run Fast said...

Way to win your 5k!! That's awesome. I have never done a color run, but I hear there's one coming here in March. My next race is a ten miler this weekend- first race since last spring, so I'm nervous!