Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Syracuse Harvest Half 2012

 Heather and I decided sometime during the week that we would run a half marathon that is not too far away from home.  I haven't run long for over 6 weeks and I was starting to really crave it.  It was going to be a fun run with dressing up and slow times and a good chance to catch up.  Basically a long run like old times.  With costumes.  Good times.

I brought back my spider costume from last year hoping again that the extra legs would help me run faster.  Didn't work again! I don't know why.  My husband actually couldn't believe that I was going to wear that thing for 13 miles.  It didn't end up being that bad.

It was a really cold morning.  Like in the 20's.  We sat in her car until right before the start.  But as soon as the sun came out, it warmed right up and I even got a little too warm with nothing I could shed.  It was a pretty flat course with some little inclines and declines.  Overall though there was elevation gain in this course.  It is not a PR course for sure.  It really did feel like old times and running out west.  It was beautiful and much needed.

We took our time taking self portraits, then having some nice guy stop and take our picture, running across the bridge one at a time, and a very long potty break.

Overall, I shouldn't be surprised that our time was 2:26.  But I was a little disappointed.  We did pass 13 people in the last mile and no one passed us, so that was good.  But I didn't feel like I was taking it THAT easy!

They served root beer in a finishers mug and had lots of good after race snacks.  And the shirt was nice.  Overall, it was a good long run with my best friend and a great day.
Now if my calves were not sore it would be perfect.


Jeano said...

I love your costume! I'm surprised your extra limbs didn't cause too much annoyance, I'd think they'd be bouncing all over the place!

Coy Martinez said...

As long as you had fun, that's all that matters! AND from the smile on your face and the drink in your hand, it looks like you did. Love the costume!! I think I like your hats even better tho :)

Cory Reese said...

Your pictures are so great! I love that you ran with the costume. You are brave!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

It would be tough to run a half marathon with 4 extra legs. Sounds like you had an extra amount of fun, too, though!

Michael said...

Spiderman, spiderman
Does whatever a spider can.
Look out
here comes the spiderman!

Great costume!


Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

LOVE your costume! I can't believe you ran 13 miles in it either. The extra "legs" didn't bother you?

Average Woman Runner said...

Mugs & glasses are my favorite race award/medal. Love that spider costume - I need to think about getting more creative next year. Did you make it?