Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last week was one of those weeks that I pushed it when I shouldn't have and then paid for it the rest of the week.  I might learn someday.  I had croupy kids and an anniversary so it wasn't the most productive of weeks either.

Tuesday:  Ran 4 miles with slight knee pain.  It wasn't too bad and I didn't have to do that much walking.  I also was feeling so good because I ran up a nice big hill twice on my 2 mile loop.  I was so excited because I made it all the way up the second time and I don't know if I've ever been able to do that hill all the way to the top, not even in my marathon training days.  However, later that night and since then, I've been paying for it.  My piraformis has flared up again and it's back to the heating pad and stretching 5 times a day.  What a pain in the rear end...literally.

Thursday:  Jumped rope for 25 minutes and then did the punching bag.  Felt really good.  I'm lasting longer and longer on the punching bag.  I need to come up with more combinations although I'm finding more music that "fits" with the workout.

Friday:  I got a mini stepper that is like a normal one in the gym, just smaller and portable.  I worked on it for 50 minutes and had a great time.  I brought it out in front of the TV and was able to do it while Logan watched Clifford and Dora.  I could have picked better shows, I think that was a good buy, something different that I don't have to leave the house for and something that's non impact.  I did feel my rear while doing it, which is probably normal, I just don't want to aggravate it anymore than necessary.

Saturday:  I ran 3.5 miles.  My knees did good, my rear did not.  I avoided all the big hills that I normally take.  I got home and worked the punching bag again.  Felt like I might have overdone it but truthfully, that punching bag feels good.


Mel said...

Wow, you are working hard! Maybe you should take it easy (look for some FLAT places to run). Is that possible around here?

I'm impressed with all your rope jumping (gives me a headache), stepping and punching bag skills. You're awesome!

Michael said...

Way to go Jen. Back at 'er... skipping, running, boxing, hills, Dora... can't keep a good gal down! Stay healthy and don't ever do it. I resume my training next week. I've been enjoying my 4 weeks recovery from TC, but I'm getting more than a little antsy. Time to kick some serious road butt. Mike

anna jo said...

maybe I need to get a punching bag... that could be a good stress reliever.

Michael said...

Jen, Sorry for the typo... "don't over do it". Mike