Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's a Conspiracy

I've decided that my body is conspiring against me.  It doesn't want me to run or at least have fun doing it.  If it's not my knees, then it's my rear.  If not that, then I can't breathe.  My toes have spoken up over the years and my feet have even tripped me.  Sweat runs into my eyes and my contacts blur up so that I can't focus.  I've even ripped one out during a run because it was so bad.  My side starts to ache for no apparent reason.  Even my shoulders have hurt after some really long runs.  So why then, oh why do I continue to run?  Today it was my lungs, so don't ask.  I guess it wasn't everything all at once.  Can you imagine that scene?  Limping, breathing heavy, crouched over in pain, sweat running in eyes, blisters on toes and the grand finale of tripping on asphalt.  Yeah, it wouldn't be pretty!

Last week:
Monday:  I don't think this day really existed because I can't remember one detail of this day.
Tuesday:  Ran 2 miles, watched a beautiful sunrise and crunched fall leaves.  Have you ever noticed the sagebrush in bloom?  Beautiful!

Wednesday:  Ran 3 miles, was in pain for the rest of the week.  Guess I can't run two days in a row yet.
Thursday:  Jumped rope for 25 minutes and then worked the punching bag.
Friday and Saturday:  both really busy days and I was in pain so I did nothing.  Had really good intentions of fitting yoga into the schedule, but didn't.  Oh, and it snowed.  I'm not ready for that.


anna jo said...

I hear ya, sister! I wish my body would just cooperate for once...

The Hoyt's said...

I am right there with ya except your doing alot more then I am right now... Do you do any walking for warm up and cool down or do you just run.. And if you do do you count that as your mileage?

Michael said...

Don't discourage Jen. Take it easy and ride this one out. Have you tried power walking? It's sort of a rage in this neck of the woods. I have friends that do it regularly and they're super fit. It a good cardio workout with little stress on the muscular/ skeletal. This might work for you during this "conspiracy period". Chin up and all that... Mike