Monday, November 3, 2008

Rest and Relaxation?

So this week was pretty much a bust.  I used my stepper on Monday for 45 minutes and then hit the punching bag, literally I guess.  By the end of the day my rear (piraformis) was back to being miserable and I was pretty much limping around.  I decided to take off Tuesday and see how I was doing.  It wasn't doing any better by Wed. so I just decided to take the week off and see if I could get it better.  At least I know not to do any big hills for a while even after it quits hurting.  I did a lot of stretching this week with my heating pad beforehand.  I am finally doing a bit better.  I did upper body weights one other time during the week but that was about it.  

I did want to mention an exhibit that we went to a few weeks ago that was so cool.  Body Worlds made a stop in Salt Lake for a few months and Janz took me to it for our anniversary.  If you haven't heard of it before, it's an exhibit of cadavers without skin, for the most part, posed in a variety of athletic positions.  You can read about it and see some pictures here.  It was so interesting.  I loved it.  It was kind of fun picking out the parts of my body that are bugging me.  If you get the chance, it was definitely worth it.


anna jo said...

ooh, I'm glad to hear you liked body worlds. pete and I have been meaning to go see it.

hopefully your butt starts to feel better soon!

Michael said...

National Geographic did a piece on Body Worlds a couple of years ago. It sounds amazing. The photographs were stunning. Apparently there is some opposition to the show. Some people believe it's an indignity to the human body. Solution seeems simple enough, if you don't like it, don't go! There is a waiting list of people wanting to donate their cadavers to the show. I'll see it when it makes it way up here. Don't forget to vote... I'll be flying my American flag on Wednesday but only if Obama wins. See ya, Mike

Look Pretty. Run Nasty. said...

I found your blog through Mel's. Isn't Body World's amazing?