Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekly Report

I know I seem like a big whiner a lot of the time, but I'm really o.k. with the progress my knees are making.  It never seems quick enough, but I also know that it could be worse and I am still able to run even if it isn't as much or as far or as fast as I want to.  They are getting better and if I keep being patient, they'll fully recover.
Monday:  yoga (I am loving yoga more and more.  I'm also getting more out of it the more I do it.)
Tuesday:  ran 2 miles slowly with minimal pain in the knees and rear.
Wed:  jumped rope for 25 minutes then worked the punching bag.
Thursday:  ran 3 miles with walking mixed in to break it up.  My cold must have really affected me because I just couldn't breathe properly.  It took all I had to make it to the top of the hill at the end of my run and when I got there and stopped to walk, I had that wave of nausea come over me that ended in me puking what little water I drank before the run in the gutter.  I can only hope none of my neighbors were looking out their windows.  
Friday:  yoga again (this doesn't work as well with all the kids home.  Logan kept trying to drive his cars on me during the poses.)
Saturday:  I woke up feeling terrible due to a lack of sleep (sick kids) so I wasn't going to do anything.  Husband convinced me to go out about 6:30.  (o.k., so he pushed me out the door)  After the first 5 minutes of running, I knew it was going to be a good day.  I barely had to walk at all and I forgot all about my rear pain because it wasn't even there until a block away from home.  My knees held up pretty well too.  I stopped to stretch them when I could feel them getting tight.  I even ran up that big hill at the end and just cruised right up it.  Now it was only 3 1/2 miles.  I didn't want to push it, but what a difference a day or two makes.  It was the best run I've been on in a long time.  It was the strongest I've felt in a long time.  I worked the punching bag when I got home.  I felt better than I had the whole rest of the day.  It made me wish I'd done it a whole lot earlier in the day.

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