Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh the Wisdom and the Pain!

The alarm clock sounded and I simply couldn't believe it was really time.  I had woken up on my own about an hour earlier to eat a banana.  Well o.k., child #3 woke up and surprise, hubby got to her and I didn't hear her!  I just woke up when he got back in bed.  I've been trying some earplugs out for a couple of days to help me sleep better and they work!  However, I was so tired this morning and so I laid there doing a self diagnosis.  Did my calves hurt still?  Yes, but not bad enough not to run.  Did I have a sudden cold or fever hit me?  No.  Dang.  How about my toenails?  Did the two that fell off by force yesterday hurt enough?  No.  I just couldn't think of an excuse that sounded good enough to call Jody and tell her I wasn't going.  So I checked the temperature, 58 degrees, dressed accordingly, got a quick drink and headed out the door.  It was simply one of the most beautiful skies I had ever seen.  Beautiful puffy clouds all over the whole sky with just a hint of what the sunrise would have been, against that perfect blue sky.  I almost ran back inside to take a picture, especially of the mountains in the background.  I am so glad I didn't miss that view.  Gorgeous.  
I picked up Jody and we headed out.  She was really cruising down the first street and I thought to myself, as my calves were getting tighter and tighter with each step, that I was in for it today.  I hoped I'd be able to keep up with her.  We ran up the first big hill and that made my legs hurt even more.  But by about mile 4 or so, they were completely loosened up and feeling good.  I don't know why it takes my legs so long to get in the groove.  I know I was sore and all, but still!  Jody kept me entertained as she sung to me what was on her i pod.  I really like running with her.  We have about the same pace and I hope she'll make me faster and I'll help her go farther.  So as we were about ready to turn the corner for the downhill to home, and we were both discussing our body hurting places, I was complaining to her (imagine that!) about how I wished that I could just have mind over matter.  Wouldn't that be nice?  I could do anything!  Then Jody, in all her wisdom, said, "Then it wouldn't ever be Heavenly Father's will."  Wise girl.  She probably didn't know how deeply that hit home to me.  But it's something I'll probably remember forever and repeat to myself often.  So thanks Jody, for the run, the pain, and the wisdom!  Oh and Jody, I did go back to bed.  Sorry, but it's summer after all!


Michael said...

I know what you speak. Those mornings when we would so much rather be snuggled in a war duvet, we still manage to pull ourselves out, drag out the shoes, and head outdoors. It's all such labour until we open our eyes and see the beauty that abounds. It's these moments when life comes together and makes sense, if even for a fleeting moment. It's these moments that I wish my closest and dearest friends could be by my side to drink in this incredible beauty. It's these moments I become profoundly thankful for my being. Thanks for sharing that sliver of beauty... I can see it in my mind's eye. M

Doran & Jody said...

I am so glad we went. Thank for the support AND the water way. Next time we will take my camera so we can demonstrate how thirsty I get and what I do about it.

About going back to bed.....I took a nap at lunch, don't tell.

And thanks for writing about our run. You do so much 'gooder' at it than I do.

Anonymous said...

Omigosh! This made me laugh out loud! Very humorous yet touching writing! Love the last part...sometimes wisdom hits us in the head like a V-8 huh!