Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Then and now

Last year in anticipation of the Salt Lake City Marathon I wrote this post on monster month.

I've been dreading and worrying about this month ever since I typed up our marathon training schedule into a calendar. Monster marathon month. On paper it looked intimidating. Especially the 10 x 800M Yasso's that we were scheduled to do after the 20 miler. They were tough, but I did it. Actually, doing it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I need to remember to just take things one day at a time. You'd have thought running would have taught me that lesson by now. Anyway, this is what monster month looked like for me:
132 total miles.
of that 36 were speed work miles,
64 were long run miles,
8 miles ended up being a tempo run to make sure I wasn't injured,
and the rest would be recovery miles or junk miles.
I went to 3 spinning classes, did my kick boxing video 4 times, lifted weights 5 times, and lost 0 pounds. On the up side, I only woke up during the middle of the night hungry once and that was after the 20 mile run.
I doubt I will have another month like this the rest of this year. But I guess you never know.
The good news is that I'm feeling good. Really, really good. I'm more excited for the marathon than nervous. And that may be a first. I guess in a little more than 2 weeks I'll find out!
It was a lot of fun looking back at the month and what I had accomplished. Then I got a comment from Marathon Man that said this, "I doubt I will have another month like this the rest of this year." Why not?! You can do it again. The second time will be that much easier. So, when exactly is the marathon? May 15th??" That comment really got me thinking. In fact, I replied to him that I was only running one marathon that year and that I just wasn't made to run high mileage weeks. I remember thinking to myself that I'd never be able to run more than 3 or 4 days a week and 100 miles a month MAX without getting injured and that I was pushing the limits of what my body could do. But that comment stayed in the back of my mind. And it wasn't too long after he made that comment that he passed away suddenly. It was a somber moment. I hadn't followed him for long at all, but he had made an impact on me. Through a simple comment. It's amazing to me how someone can touch your life in such an unexpected way.
Fast forward to November of that same year. I had discovered barefoot running and minimalist running and by the week of Thanksgiving had given up my normal shoes and switched over completely. November's totals were 125.5 miles and December's were 159 miles. I was truly in shock. I wasn't even training for anything. I was just out there having fun. I thought of his comment again and knew that if he could see those totals, he would smile and tell me, "I told you so!"
It's funny how time changes things. Truly, it's the only thing you can depend on. From running to just life in general. I may not have a high mileage month this month, but I know that I will again this year and many more to come.
I love how I can get caught in a time warp looking at pictures of my kids from years ago and remembering how things were.
Here's a few of my favorite then and now pictures.

My two little girls then...

My two girls now. They're still the best of friends.

Then... Our engagement photos.

Us now-ish. first baby when he was about 15 months old. And yes, I've had short hair for most of my life.

My baby when he turned 15. sigh.

Our kitchen before....

during...we moved a window, redid the electrical, plumbing, and everything! I'm pretty proud to say that I installed and wired the recessed lighting myself.

Today! My husband built our cabinets in our garage. Seriously, the guy can do anything he puts his mind to.

Baby number four with his curly hair then...

My baby boy now looking so grown up. sniff.

Our kids at Disneyland in 2006...

Our kids at Disneyland in 2010. Can't you see how happy the teenager is to be in Toon Town?

I may have gotten carried away with the pictures but it's so fun to see what changes with time.
Now you must do a post of your own then and now pictures!


Julia said...


Thanks for sharing the first was so touching. It is sometimes so hard in the moment to ever imagine that things are going to be any different but it seems when we take things one day at a time, believe and put our mind to it...our bodies are capable of things we never imagined possible.

I LOVE your then and now pics. Your kids are super cute...LOVE the picture of your oldest in toon town..haha! I want to do a then and now post soon now too!

have an amazing day!!

Julie said...

Love this Jen! Your kids are adorable. Sometimes it seems like your posts are written just for me! :-)

Penny said...

What a great story. We are stronger than we think sometimes. What a nice looking family. I love your new kitchen. What is the kick boxing dvd you have. I'm looking for a good one.

Rachelle Wardle said...

What an amazing story and fun post. I absolutely love to look back at the then and the now. It is fun to triumph over the victories and realize what we have learned from our obstacles.

Thank you so much for sharing. You family is absolutely adorable and I must say your oldest daughter looks just like you. What a fun family you have.

Julie said...

Oh boy! That was fun seeing the then and now pictures!! Your oldest daughter looks so much like you in the girls now picture!
Baby #4 has the most gorgeous eyes! How can you ever say no to him??!!

Pam said...

Time has been kind to you! You are even more beautiful "now" than you were "then"!

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new kitchen!

Sam {} said...

love all the pics! thanks for sharing them :)

i think both your husband AND you can do anything you put your mind to!

Tara said...

Love the pictures and you are FREAKING GORGOEOUS! I hope in a year I'm able to do then and now posts and see how much my running life (and overall life) has changed!

trisha*n said...

love all those pictures. And such a cool story! it is always nice to look back and see us do things we thought we could never do! you rock :)

Connie said...

Great post! I've been injured for while and it's good to remember that these things won't last forever. Someday I'll have good running weeks again :)
p.s. you look younger NOW than in some of those pics. Must be all the running.

Teamarcia said...

Precious pics! Time flies.
Isn't it funny how something someone says turns everything we believed on it's ear sometimes?

Audrey said...

I rememeber thinking similiar things..."I'll never average more than 25 miles a week." "I'll never run more than 1 marathon a year." It truly is amazing how things and how old boundaries get moved and we progress - I love it! Such a hopeful post.

Michael said...

Great post Jen! Then and Now... interesting theme. Might have to think about this one for a while. Love the pictures, especially the sullen teenager in the above pic. I have a few of those pics in my album too. Cheers. Mike

Candice @ I Have Run said...

This is such an awesome post. The first part is so inspiring and such a nice tribute to Marathonman.

The picture part of the post is so fun! I hardly recognize you with short hair! And your kids are adorable!!

Jogging with Fiction said...

I LOVE the then and now pictures. That's so much fun!

and seriously, your kitchen looks incredible!

Joanne said...

Great post and good looking group you have there. Congrats on a super family.
You put up some good training numbers. Good luck!

MuncherCruncher said...

Jen! You are incredible!! I love this post so much. What a great reminder that we should be doing "all this" running/working out/whatever it is because we love it, and that we can accomplish so much when we work hard. Very, VERY inspiring. Thanks for sharing! I love that pic of you and your son, and your kitchen is beautiful!
I hope you have an amazing day!! xoxoxo
oh...p.s. I'm so glad you made it through the leg combo! It's a killer, but clearly you're a machine and probably OWNED it!

ashley & sundance said...

LOVE THOSE PICS!!!! your kids are DARLING. :) :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

oh I love love love this post! I love seeing people's pictures. Especially of their family. It is so apparent that you are such a loving mother...I can certainly see your love for kid! Of course your kids but I can tell you just really are a natural. This makes me want another. Raising kids truly is the best part of my life. This also makes me want to go to Disney again. You have a beautiful family and a talented husband! wow! Thanks for sharing!

Wendy said...

I love this! Your kitchen looks amazing, and how awesome that he did that on his own. Wow!!

Your kids are adorable. I anticipate seeing some of those same vacation expressions someday. :)

Hannah said...

Ooooh, I love love love your kitchen! Beautiful! And it is so nice to see picture of your kids. You have a gorgeous family, Jen!