Monday, February 28, 2011

See What I Would Have Missed...

Friday night we got a whole lot of snow. We were out for ice cream with some friends and in the 3 hours we spent in the restaurant, it snowed about a foot. It was beautiful, but I was so bummed inside because I knew that I had a 14-16 miler the next morning. Ever since we got that little taste of spring I haven't enjoyed winter much anymore. It's almost like a second winter and it's been a little depressing. I love running in the winter. I like it so much better than the summer. I just do better in the cold than in the heat. But I was so looking forward to shedding my feet of shoes and now I'm stuck back in them. I kept reminding myself that it is still February and it should be expected to snow around here for at least another month.
Anyhow... when I woke up Saturday morning the plows hadn't been around yet and I didn't feel like slushing through a foot of snow to avoid cars so I mentally prepared myself for the treadmill. I grabbed my water and did 8 miles without too much effort and prepared to do the rest when I got a phone call. I had to jump off and when I came up the stairs I was greeted with a totally different scene outside. It was a sunny day. The plows had come by and the roads were clear and even beginning to melt. I quickly changed into long pants, threw on a jacket and hat and headed out. I'm so glad that I did.

In the sun the roads were steaming. It was a cool sight to see the steam swirl on the road ahead of me in the slight breeze. It was almost mystical looking. Almost like a dance. While I couldn't get a picture of that, I did try to capture the beauty of the morning.

This is the lane that leads to some killer hills. I need to start doing those again.

I love this little stretch of road. And I can't wait for spring and summer for this road. It's beautifully smooth asphalt. It will be a great barefoot running road. Plus it's got a little stream that runs along the edge.

These are my mountains. I live at the foot of them and love to see them from far away. I love picking out places that I've hiked to and remembering good times from the past.

Towards the end of this run, I felt tired. I think it was because I woke up later than normal and since I didn't fuel during the run it was about noon before I finished. I saw a couple of bald eagles swooping in the sky at the end of my run. I was watching them and realized that I was wandering out in the road. I quickly got on the sidewalk and realized that I was a little delirious. I have decided it's time for me to start trying things to fuel with during long runs. I've been lucky up until now that I haven't really needed anything but water. I haven't had good success with fueling in the past. Everything seems to upset my stomach. I just hate GU's. I have trouble chewing up beans with the same stomach issues. I've tried raisins but even they've upset me. I've never tried chomps, so I think I'll try that next Saturday. Anyone else have any suggestions? I wonder if it's the sugar or sweetness that I can't do well. This is one thing I need to get figured out before the marathon.

I gave myself a snow bath afterwards. I used my phone and called inside for someone to make me some hot chocolate. My husband came out as cars were driving by and looking at me as though I was weird. He said, "You really have no shame do you?" I guess I don't. It was a beautiful day and a good run. And to think I would have missed it all if I hadn't gotten that phone call.

Monday: 8 mile run outside in gorilla feet
Tuesday: full body weights, 60 minute spin class
Wednesday: 8 mile run outside in Evo's
Thursday: 4 mile run outside in Evo's
Friday: 5 mile barefoot run on treadmill, full body weights
Saturday: 16 mile run in Evo's (8 on treadmill, 8 on roads)


Stacey said...

I kind of miss that type of winter run. The road steaming, "almost like a dance." Love it! What part of Utah?

Rachelle Wardle said...

You are just beautiful Jen and I love all of these pictures. Amazing the beauty in Utah winters. It seems we spend so much time complaining about it we forget to enjoy it.

Also gotta love your snow bath. ha ha too funny. Good job on the long run. :)

Julia said...

your pics are beautiful!! and i seriously love the last pic of you in the snow! so awesome! glad you got that phone call :)

Wendy said...

So beautiful!!

Korin Lopez said...

What a beautiful run! You descibed it so well I could just picture the steam coming off the road! I love runs like that just seem so peaceful! I LOVE your snow bath!

We were also teased by Spring and I am ready to say goodbye to this cold weather!

Pam said...

Those pictures are stunning. And I LOVE your snow bath picture. hahahahaha

Evolving Through Running said...

Beautiful pictures, and the snow bath is brilliant. Beats the heck out of a tub full of ice.

Julie said...

Those trees look so lacy and pretty. Just gorgeous!

Mai and I got a hoot out of looking at you in the snow with your hot cocoa. I bet your neighbors get quite a kick out of you ;-)
I love people like YOU!!! Yes.I.Do!!!!

Deanna@MilesToRun said...

I wish I liked winter running.

I have never been to Utah, but I've seen so many pictures of the state and they are always so beautiful. Don't take that view of the mountains for granted...what a wonderful thing to wake up to.

Love that you took a "snow" bath right in your front yard after your run! And Kudos to Hubby for bringing you hot cocoa! Very sweet.

Alma said...

Oh my Utah is beautiful!! Nice way to combine dreamill w/ the outdoors. Thanks for sharing the pics and the creative snow bath to help those muscles recover :)

Kathie said...

Absolutely beautiful scenery!!! Oh, i love it when I can see the steam coming off the asphalt also. Something so magical about it.

I love your resourcefulness in using the snow as a sort of ice bath! I must try that some time.

Kathie said...

Absolutely beautiful scenery!!! Oh, i love it when I can see the steam coming off the asphalt also. Something so magical about it.

I love your resourcefulness in using the snow as a sort of ice bath! I must try that some time.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I am so so happy you got to run outside, I know that is your favorite and that scenery is AMAZING!!!! I can't wait to come visit you!! I know what you mean about the second winter.....the good weather teased us. Although, yesterday when I ran it was 50 degrees and I was in heaven!!! LOVE the ice bath and hot chocolate, you are adorable. I am going to do some weights in honor of you!! I love shot blocks.....they work really well for me:)

bobbi said...

It is GORGEOUS where you live! I, too, complain about winter, but truly love winter running so much more than summer.

Laughing at your hubs - mine would have done the same. But why not utilize the snow? Especially with hot chocolate delivery ;)

Sam {} said...

those pictures are just stunning! i didn't get in any runs when we were in utah, but i love running with cold, dry air. not much of that down here in houston :)

LAPT said...

You KNOW I approve of a snow bath!!! And your scenery is gorgeous. Can't wait to see how everything blossoms in the spring!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Jen, these pics are gorgeous (minus the chilly temps of course!) but you captured the beauty of winter.

I love how you "iced" very economical and green of you!! :) My friend suggested combining almonds with some sugar source as a way to balance your stomach. And I have seen some runners use dates and nuts.

I hope you find something that works for you!!

KT80 said...

I love your last picture. Don't worry, I have no shame either. What's it mean when you say you did a run your Evo's? Are they shoes?

Amanda@runninghood said...

This picture of you taking an snow bath has me laughing out loud! What a great idea! I would seriously use that for all it is worth. I'd be stripped down to my bikini bottoms and really make that ice/snow work for me! Too funny!