Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My own personal Castaway moment.

I first need to say that it is my super duper husband that is the canning king. I am just his meager assistant who does the grunt work. He is the driving force behind all the hard work in this family and we all are so grateful during the winter months for the good stuff we have to eat from our garden. He really is a great guy and one of these days I'll have to do a post devoted to just him. The only things that I have canned all by myself are jam and tomatoes. I was pretty darn proud of myself though. I grew up with a mom that canned and I had no interest in it whatsoever. She did it to save money because we were poor. Now that I'm older and wiser I do it for some of the same reasons. First, I want to save money wherever we can. Second, I want to know how to support myself and my family the best I can. Knowledge is a great thing. Third, I like to know what I'm eating. The less ingredients the better. And fourth, it's kind of fun. Not when you do it alone, but as far as a project with my husband and kids, it's fun.
This ended up being a pretty disappointing week. I know they all can't be winners but I hope to never repeat this week. It started last week with what I thought was a sinus infection. I was on the tail end of a cold when I started getting headaches and my teeth started hurting. I don't really like going to the doctor's so I postponed it telling myself that it would get better. I had been through this before and last time thought it was a tooth problem. I went to the dentist only to discover that they couldn't find anything. They thought it was a cracked tooth that they couldn't see, filed down my bite to change it, only to have it not work. After I saw my regular doctor we discovered that it was a sinus infection and I had my teeth filed for nothing. Errr. So this time I went to my regular doc, got an antibiotic only I didn't feel any better. It got worse. Advil and Tylenol started to not work. My doc gave me Lortab and that took the pain away but made me throw up. So after suffering all weekend I went to the dentist only to find out that I need a root canal. Yuck. He did part of it yesterday and I get to go on another antibiotic and go back in 3 weeks to finish it off. He says I should feel better in about 24-48 hours.
Saturday's long run didn't happen. And I haven't run since.
Wanna hear something really weird though? During the last two weeks while I was running or cycling, the pain would go away completely. Then as soon as I stopped the pain would come back 10 times as bad and I'd be in tears and pacing the floor, trying my lamaze breathing exercises, visualization, anything to get it to stop. Remember that scene in Castaway? Well if I could have pinpointed a specific tooth and had an ice skate handy, I would have been tempted. So it was either run nonstop during the day or suffer the wrath of the tooth pain afterwards. Needless to say that my sleep has suffered as well. I'm feeling optimistic that tomorrow should be a good day and I hope to run again and get things back to normal. I guess they all can't be good weeks.

Monday: 8.25 mile run in gorilla feet, core work and upper body
Tuesday: 2.5 mile run in socks, cycling class
Wednesday: 6.5 mile run in gorilla feet, full body weights
Friday: 3 mile run barefoot on treadmill, full body weights


Julie said...

UGGG! I'm sorry you're having such a ridiculous time of it.

I bet my husband would love to can, too. I'm going to have to bring that up to him. He's definitely way better in the kitchen than me.

Feel better!!! Take Care Of You!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Are you talking about Sweet Tooth Factory? So good!!
I am so sorry about your sinus infection...that is awful!! That is so interesting that it went away while working out! You should do a full body weights post:) That is so cool that you are canning. I really want to do that!

Teamarcia said...

Ugh sorry about the canal. I share your pain as I just had one last week and get to go back for Part II next week. I had the exact thing--painfree running then a hellacious aftermath. Joy. Since when do RC's take two appts anyway?

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Oh Jen, feel better soon! I had back pain that did the same thing. If I ran, it would go away, but the second I hit the driveway it came back. You'll be back running before you know it.

LauraJayne said...

A man that cans? Along with rhyming, I need to meet a man like that! Does he have brothers!

I hope you start feeling better soon!