Saturday, January 1, 2011

HBBC Virtual New Year's Day Run

I got the new year off to a good start thanks to Amanda and her New Year's Day Run. Since I don't get to be in Florida and really run it, I got to do it virtually on my own. Well, I did have my trusty running partner, Heather with me. We did a nice 6 mile loop in our gorilla feet. Even in 9 degree weather my feet got warm after about a mile and stayed that way. As long as it's not wet and cold, they seem to work well.

My goal for next year is to eat 7 fruits and veggies every day. It will be a challenge. But it's getting easier every day. I hope by next year it will just be old hat and a habit.

Then in the afternoon we headed out to try out our new Christmas presents of snowshoes. It was super fun. It's quite the opposite workout of being barefoot. I was warm as long as we were in the sun and were moving. It had warmed up to 12 degrees by then. But in the shade my face got really cold.

Janz (the husband) and Justin (the 16 year old) went along and everyone had a good time. We'll be doing more of that in the future. It was a really beautiful day.

By the end my feet were the only things that were cold. I need to improve what I wear on my feet for the next time we go. I've read that some neoprene booties for cycling are good to wear over your shoes so I think I'll go look for some of those. What a good way to start the new year!

I also had a really great 15 mile run this week. No long run feeling in the legs and I could have gone farther. But it was the farthest I've been in my Evo's by a couple of miles and my feet were feeling tired by the end. But over all, I felt so good. Of course it was just a nice and easy run. But it was good form check almost the whole run. The roads were sheets of ice with tiny spots of asphalt. I loved every minute of it. There were a few scary moments and there were lots of great moments where everything was just clicking. I loved the feeling of flying over the ice. I didn't fuel the whole time except for some water. I'm really nervous because I know I can't do that on marathon day. But I really have a hard time with my stomach. That's one thing that I need to get figured out before May.
I hope everyone had a great New Year's!

Monday: 6.5 mile run in Evo's
Tuesday: 8 mile run in Evo's, full body weights, yoga
Wednesday: 6 mile run in Evo's
Thursday: 15 mile run in Evo's
Friday: full body weights, yoga
Saturday: 6 mile run in gorilla feet, 1 hour snowshoeing


wendy said...

It was cold today, wasn't it? I loved how sunny it was, too.

Anyway, just wanted to say how cool snowshoe-ing looks. Must be really great cross-training.

We live out in Herriman by the Copper mine. Whereabouts are you guys located, if you don't mind sharing (totally understand if you don't want to in a public setting).

zapmamak said...

Sounds like you've been having fun! Happy New Year, girl!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Sounds like you've been having fun! My feet don't seem to stay warm in my gorilla feet :(

MuncherCruncher said...

I am so glad I came across your blog, I love it! I think your goal of 7 fruits and veggies a day is an AWESOME one. I've never been snowshoeing, but I've always wanted to try it. It looks so fun!

Julie said...

What a great day! Hey! Who gave you my Christmas present? Snowshoes were on MY list :-)

We're finally going to get the kids out sledding today since we promised them we would do it sometime during their break and somehow it has suddenly turned into their last day of break already! I can't wait to go find some snow!

Doran & Jody said...

You. Are. Awesome!

Margaret B said...

Loved your HBBC race report and your snowshoeing afternoon sounds like such fun! Great goals for the new year. Your story about how you ran your 1st half marathon and the Ogden City Marathon is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your journey!

Kate said...

Hi there! I just found your blog and I can't wait to catch up on old posts. Where do you live? Those photos are gorgeous.

I have been injured my fair share of times as well. My goal is to be injury free for all of 2011! (And hopefully for life after that).

Best of luck on your barefoot journey. I'll be following along...

Wendy said...

I think I say it every time I come here, but YOU'RE AWESOME! I'm such a weather wimp, and I love that you don't let it stop you!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

AHHH THANK YOU FOR THE RECIPE....those look amazing. Enjoy your pb cookies:) You are my hero for being out in that weather....I want to be you! So fun you have a running partner!! LOVE the gorgeous pics!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Please post how in the world your are eating 7 fruits and veggies/day. I just can't get it done!
Awesome pics!