Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The view from up top and building back up!

This is the view from the trail that I ran on a few weeks ago.  It's simply gorgeous.  I've only done the lower part over again, I don't want to push it, but my family hiked up to the waterfall that's below it so I had to take some pictures while I was there.  Next Saturday is when I plan on running it again.  And I even found a crazy running partner who wants to do it with me!  Yeah!  

So to catch up the last couple of weeks:  
Saturday:  3 miles
Monday:  Stair stepper for 60 minutes Full body weights and stretching
Tuesday:  Run 2 miles Jumped rope for 15 minutes
Wednesday:  Ran 2-1/2 miles
Thursday:  Ran 3-1/2 miles
Saturday:  Ran 5 1/2 miles in the wind.  Yuck.  Still no pain. 
Monday:  Ran 3.25 miles hard, full body weights, stretching, hike in the afternoon
Tuesday:  Ran 3.25 miles easy with 3 small hills
Thursday:  Ran 3.25 miles full body weights
Friday:  Ballet, walked 2 miles
Saturday:  4.5 miles hard hills
Monday:  4 miles full body weights, stretching, hike in the evening
Tuesday:  35 minutes of jumping rope
Wednesday:  4.25 miles 
I'm actually really proud of myself that I've shown such great restraint.  And it's paid off.  I've only felt my IT bands a couple of times and it's only been the tightness.  I've really tried to build back up so that I don't stay injured for months.  The Wasatch Back is coming up fast and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.  More to come on that later!


Michael said...

Wow! What a gorgeous trail. Sure beats our Garbage Hill! Utah sure looks beautiful. Mike

Tall Girl Running said...

I've been thinking about you, Jen, wondering if your legs are cooperating with you any better? I really hope so... I know how much you've strugged the last several months.

Have you committed to doing the Top of Utah marathon this year yet? Once the Wasatch Back is over I need to decide once and for all what I'm going to do... I'll either try for a PR at the half or go for broke and do the full again. If the latter, I'll have to start marathon training again really soon. Ugh.

TheIronYou said...

That trail looks amazing beats Central Park easily...I miss so much being closer to nature!