Friday, April 3, 2009

Blogging slacker

I guess I've been a posting slacker.  I really wanted to take some pictures of a run I did recently, but it snowed and so you couldn't see the trail as well.  I keep waiting for it to melt, but it keeps snowing.  So here's the report without the picture.  
From 2 and 1/2 weeks ago:
Monday:  2 miles.  Still felt a little spent from being sick and didn't want to over do.  Full body weights and stretching.
Tuesday:  2 miles.  More stretching.  I was feeling much better by this day and was rearing to go.  
Wednesday:  5 of the toughest miles EVER!  I was feeling really great physically this day.  However I was really stressing over some other things so I took it out during the run.  I went back to the new trail I had found near my house.  It's almost 2 miles to the trail: the perfect warm up distance.  Then the hills start.  I was a little worried about my piraformis acting up, but it did great!  The trail looks really fun from down below it.  There's a newly developed part that leads to a higher one.  It looked like it followed the mountain back to my house so I decided I'd brave it.  It was such good weather!  Once I started on the LONG climb, I started wondering what I was thinking.  It was not a developed trail, more like a deer trail.  I was jumping over sagebrush, avoiding rocks and one dead deer.  I climbed over a big barbed wire fence and then over another fence.  Once at the top, it was beautiful.  I ran over (and through) a little stream and could see the whole valley from up there.  I just couldn't find the trail down.  I could see my house, but couldn't see how to get down.  I ended up having to run clear across the mountain and double back to get down.  Really hard.  Really fun.
Thursday:  Did full body weights and stretching.
Friday:  11 miles, the furthest I've been since August.  Felt great.  No pain at all.  Great weather.
Saturday:  Ran to ballet class.  3 1/2 miles.  LOVE this class.  I don't know what I'm doing, but it's SO much fun.
Sunday:  woke up with excruciating IT band pain.  It only got worse as the day went on.  I was pretty much limping by the end of the day.
Monday:  saw the chiropractor.  Yep, it's those rocky hills that he thinks did it to me.  I was instructed to ice it, not run for a week, and stretch.
Tuesday:  full body weights, dance video, and stretching.
Wednesday:  more stretching.
Thursday:  feeling much better, dance video, full body weights, and more stretching.
Saturday:  Ran 3 1/2 miles.  More ballet, more stretching.  No pain while running, although it felt a little tight at the end of the day.
Tuesday:  Did the stair stepper for 60 minutes, stretching.
Wednesday:  Full body weights, stretching.
Friday:  More stair stepping, 60 minutes, stretching.  
I guess I'll start up again next week slowly and avoid those rocky hills for a while.  I know I say this a lot, but when will I ever learn?  My body and my mind have different ideas of what they can do.


Michael said...

I can relate to blogger-slacker-syndrome (bss?). I'm in Toronto right now and I joined a running group last evening for a 6 k jaunt through some very crowded streets. It's more like dodge-the-pedestrians than running, but it was good fun to run in the big city. I'll blog it when I return home. I like your description of the mountain trail... it sounds absolutely amazing, barbed wire fence, dead deer, and all! I'm still on track (sort-a) for a half-mary in May, but my time goals are out the window. My new goal is "just getter done". M

Mel said...

Good job Jen! One of these days we will have to get together for your trail run:)

Allison said...

I just came across your blog and have to tell you thanks for posting all this. As I was reading your running history, I was seriously nodding along wondering if you had somehow read my mind. I have done 2 10k races and have my first half marathon in 2 1/2 weeks. A little nervous, but excited. I have only discovered more recently that I actually enjoy running (on most days).