Sunday, May 10, 2009

More miles without injury, yeah!

Thursday:  3.75 miles recovery, stretching, and 4 mile walk
Friday:  6 miles trail run, hard hills
Monday:  3.2 miles+ 5.5 miles in the afternoon
Wednesday:  5.3 miles
Thursday:  weights
Saturday:  6.6 miles in the pouring rain
Monday:  6 mile trail run, hard hills
Tuesday:  2.5 miles 
Wednesday:  5 miles 
Thursday:  3 miles
Saturday:  5 miles in the morning +  6 miles in the evening

It's getting closer to the Wasatch Back and nervous excitement is definitely here.  Our legs were assigned, then changed by the race directors, then switched around again.  I ended up with the best leg of them all.  I was kind of worried about the 2nd leg change.  The last one was pretty tough and I'm so worried about injuring myself.  I had decided not to complain and I would just tough it out and do it slow.  But it was changed and I think it worked out really well for me.  I can't wait to spend 24 hours with these amazing women and accomplish over 178 miles together!  It's gonna be awesome!  I've been pretty diligent keeping myself under control, resting when I need it, and going to bed earlier.  If I can just make it through this, I think I'll have a good base to start building my next marathon upon.  I signed up for the St. George Marathon with some friends.  We don't find out if we're in yet until Monday night, but the plan is if we don't make it in to that one to run Top of Utah.  That's the plan!  But I've very aware of how plans also change!


Mel said...

You're doing awesome! I'm teetering on the edge of an injury and I had to cut my mileage in half. It's so hard holding back. If I can get through Ogden half without injury hopefully I can start the two times/day schedule. It would be fun to meet up for a HOT afternoon run.

Mel said...

Oh, you added to the post! You do have the BEST leg... it was mine originally;)

Michael said...

This sounds like an amazing race, a life changer! I know what you mean about spending time with a group of winners. It does wonders for the spirit. Way to go Jen (and team). Can't wait for this race report. Mike

Doran & Jody said...

My knees hurt just reading all that you do. GO JEN!!!