Friday, May 29, 2009

Only 3 more weeks!

The Wasatch Back is only 3 weeks away!  I'm a little freaked out and nervous and very excited!  Check out Tall Girl Running's blog for a great description of how I think we're all feeling.  My family drove the course on Monday so that I could check out my legs and get a feel for the course.  It was good to see exactly where I'd be running.  It is some of the most beautiful scenery I've seen.  But it really reinforced to me just how long it really is.  187 + miles is a long way!  What an adventure I've gotten myself into!  I am also really grateful to those 11 other amazing women that I will be joining for this experience.  I've never actually met any of them, but I'm sure after those 24 + hours together in a van we'll know each other maybe better than we would wish!  There are some really steep uphills on some rough terrain that are pretty intimidating.  I'm so glad there was someone willing to do those.  I really can't wait!  And it will give me a good base to start my marathon training for St. George.  I made it through the lottery this year with Heather (my friend that I ran my first marathon with) and Angi and Missy my two friends from high school.  I can't wait!  It's always better to suffer with friends than by yourself!

What I've been up to since the last report: 
These keep me accountable!

Monday:  Jumped rope for 25 minutes
Tuesday:  6.5 miles with trail hills.  
Wednesday:  5 miles
Thursday:  Ran the high school bleachers for 30 minutes.  Kicked my rear!
Friday:  4 miles easy
Saturday:  10 miles   kind of dreaded it.  I had a hard time getting out the door and an even harder time finishing it.  Just felt tired.
Tuesday:  5.5 miles with trail hills.  Full body weights.  
Wednesday:  4 miles
Thursday:  lower body weights
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday:  5.5 miles fast, ballet class, 6.5 miles fast at night in the pouring rain.
Monday:  4.5 miles slowly.  I was SO sore from Saturday's events I had to take it easy.  I don't remember being that sore even after the last marathon.  Of  course that could just be my memory playing tricks on me.
Wednesday:  jumped rope for 40 minutes.  Upper body weights
Thursday:  3 miles with hills.  My ankles and calves were still a little sore, but not too bad.


Doran & Jody said...

WOW! That is a beautiful run!!
You will do great!
And I agree. It is easier to suffer with friends. It helps you stay motivated. The friends, not the suffering.

Tall Girl Running said...

Those pictures are deceiving... they actually make it look fun.

Come rain or shine... or blood, sweat and tears... we're going to have an awesome time. I can't wait to get started. See you soon!

(Thanks for the shout-out, by the way!)

Michael said...

Way to go Jen. This sounds like an amazing event. I am excited for you. Keep the training smart from here on in. Bring the mileage down, keep the carbs up, and hydrate. This will be one exciting race and, bonus, 11 new friends to meet. Mike

Mel said...

Only 3 weeks?.... I'm getting nervous! Beautiful pics!