Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Equal Time, really?

It seems like the older I get, (and I'm not THAT old) the more time I'm spending on the pre and post part of the workout.  I know some of you know what I mean.  Anyone who says that they can just get up and go run is young.  My routine is getting painfully longer and I'm not enjoying it.  However, I think it is helping my body, so I guess I'll have to continue.  The stretching, the rolling my IT bands and piriformis, the icing, and then the post workout meal seems to be taking as long as the work out itself.  Last week, while doing some lower body exercises, I kinked my piriformis right back into full injury mode.  I'm learning what exercises I can and can't do.  The bridge pose with one leg extended is not one of them.  I've quit doing the stair stepper too.  However, I was SO diligent with the heating pad and my stretches and about 2 days later it was almost completely gone.  I really couldn't believe it.  While rolling my IT bands last week, I found a spot about midway up my leg that feels almost like a  knot.  I've been working on that slowly (as it hurts very badly) and I think it's working itself out too.  So, all in all, that time must be paying off.  I guess when you're injured and getting older it gets more important to take that longer warmup and stretch like crazy afterwards!  See... I'm learning!
For last week...  Monday- still felt tight after Saturday's run so I did yoga (this is where I kinked my butt again.)
Tuesday- 3 miles of interval work
Wednesday- 2 miles easy recovery and weights
Thursday- 3 miles of 9 minutes running, 2 minutes walking
Friday- yoga and weights
Saturday- 6 miles of slow running

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Michael said...

Jen, You're not getting older, just smarter. I have had several injuries although none as long lasting as yours. I admire your patience and determination to see your goals through. You must realize that not too many people would stick to it the way you have. Way to go. Keep it up, you're an inspiration!
Mike PS. Actually, you are getting older, sorry. It happens to the best of us... age is a state of mind. :>) M