Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Old Friend

My five mile route.  During the last two years it was the five mile loop.  I used it for my long runs.  I'd run it twice if it was a 10 miler or 3 times if it was a 15.  And even 4 times for those 20 mile runs.  It was close to home if I needed anything and it was a good gauge as to where I was in the run.  A 1/2 or a 1/3 of the way done.  I know where every mile marker is and where the uphill ends and I look forward to the downhill part that's on the way home.  I love the creek that I run by that always shady and the school that means I'm less than a mile from home.  It's familiar and comfortable and last year I couldn't stand it.  I was sick of it.  I hated running any part of it.  I needed something new to look at.  Something where I didn't know what was around the corner.  Somewhere that I wasn't sure how many miles I'd gone.  
But Saturday it was like an old friend.  I ran my 5 mile route and loved every minute of it.  I've run it in every type of weather and memories flooded over me.  I could see my oldest riding his bike beside me, my best friend running along side me and then biking the next lap.  I could remember running in terrible wind, in snow, and in the heat where I'd detour slightly for the drinking fountains on Main Street.  I remembered the dog that tore after me and then looking for it the next time around.  It was familiar and wonderful and it felt like normalcy.  I'll take some  normalcy.  Saturday it was raining.  Well more like pouring and I couldn't have been happier.  I think running in the rain is my favorite weather.  It was really coming down and was cold and foggy, but still really great.  I was wringing out my gloves on the way home and was soaked clear through.  My shoes were soaked and the squishing was pretty bad, but to run again.... wow.  It was incredible.  
The rest of the week consisted of 45 minutes on the stepper and then running 3 miles two other times on the treadmill.  I also was able to lift twice.  Good week.


anna jo said...

this post made me happy. I've had routes and runs like that... :)

Mel said...

Yeah, I'm so happy for you! I went for a run during Saturday's rain and loved it for some of the same reasons:)

Michael said...

Glad you on the mend and finding comfort in your old friend. I enjoy running in the rain too, but the 1 hour sheet rain at Twin Cities Marathon was a bit much! Mike