Wednesday, November 12, 2008

These reports are pretty boring

I'm getting pretty tired of these silly little runs.  I'm ready for some hardcore training.  Too bad my body seems to think otherwise.  It will come, it is coming.  I definitely need patience.

So... last week.  Monday:  25 minutes jump roping followed by the punching bag routine followed by 3 hours of steam cleaning my carpets due to a really fun flood.  
Wednesday:  3.5 miles.  The pain in my knees and rear was not good this day.  I went home pretty discouraged.  Stretched like crazy over the next few days.
Saturday:  Ran 2.5 miles with my knee straps (I haven't been using them at all), had 0 knee pain and only slight rear pain.  Then raked 6 houses worth of leaves for 2 hours.  

Oh and if cleaning and vacuuming all during the week counts for anything, throw that in there too!  What a week.

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Michael said...

You boring? No way! Looking forward to the next blog. M