Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pain in my Butt

Yep, I've got another place that's hurting.  I don't understand how I could be injured when I have been doing hardly anything.  Can anyone explain that to me?  Last week seemed pretty good.  I was able to run 3 times (only 2 or 3 miles each time... but still it's something!) and did weights one day and yoga twice.  

I've been having these great ideas to help me maintain fitness since I can't run 10 miles at a time.  Like yoga, for example.  I have never been too limber and with those tight hamstrings, I seem to have this short stride that also contributes to my IT problems.  So yoga seems like the perfect cure.  I have to admit that I've always thought yoga was a little strange.  Not the whole connecting with the earth, relaxation part, but I mean, how could you possibly get a good workout by breathing and holding a pose.  Well, you can.  I stink at the flexibility poses but doing pretty well on the strength ones.  I'm hoping that elusive flexibility will come eventually.
For my next great idea I decided that I'd work as many hills into my 2 or 3 miles that I could.  I've been ending with this really long and pretty steep hill that kills my lungs about 3/4 of the way up.   I feel so accomplished each time I get to the top of that hill.  However, I think this is one of those "great" ideas that isn't working out to be so great because my rear is not happy with me.  

My lower back ached last week and I thought it was because I overdid it on my son's Ripstick.  I'm getting pretty good at this cross between a skate board/snowboard/ and surfing.  It requires a lot of balance, core strength and leg strength to just get on the thing much less trying to move yourself anywhere slightly uphill.  I spent over an hour on it one day riding up and down some gentle inclines.  It was so fun but I was sore the next couple of days in my whole core.  But now the pain from my lower back has moved into my butt and it has not been a fun day.  It really flared up on that big hill at the end of my run today.  I rolled it good with my foam roller while I did my IT bands, but I don't even know if that's going to help.  After sitting for a while, I'm pretty much limping back into a full walk.  Frustration doesn't even begin to define what I'm feeling.  Guess I better re think my "great" ideas.


Mel said...


Okay, I'm sorry I don't think you ment for this post to be funny. How frustrating for you. Take it easy girl, didn't you just have surgery. Have you tried taking Gluatamine before and after your runs? Have you tried taking an ice bath? Those two things have really helped me.

Tall Girl Running said...

I'd bet the change in my pocket the pain you're having is from running those darn hills all the time! Hill running is as stressful on the body as doing speedwork and should really be incorporatated into only one or two of your runs each week. I find I need a recovery day after running hills just as if I'd need a recovery day after doing a long run. Even though you get a lot more bang for your buck by running hills, it can definitely backfire if you overdo it. So, I'd suggest you avoid the hills for awhile until you can get the pain under control. Your foam roller is great for glute pain, by the way... just what you wanted to hear, huh?! ;-)

Glad to hear you're enjoying the yoga DVD! There's some sections where there's nothing relaxing about it, but boy, it feels good when I'm all done.