Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just to catch up...

Summer has made my life crazy. I thought May and December were bad, but this summer is kicking my butt. And I haven't had time to get on the computer like I used to. I need to find a time when I don't feel guilty sitting here while the kids are around. We have a no TV rule during the summer until after dinner. So it means that we're doing other things to keep them busy and happy. It's a good thing, but it means I feel guilty if I'm just sitting there on the computer. I have missed keeping up with my good friends and am going to catch up with you all. I've been looking forward to not having a schedule and sleeping in and staying up late and eating popsicles with the kids, but this crazy life is just about doing me in. My daughters still had ballet until the 3rd week of June when they had their performance. It was a masterpiece and even my husband and dad went away loving it.

My husband said he'd deny it if he was ever confronted, but he even teared up a few times. If you know my husband, you'd know that this must really have been some ballet. I loved it because my daughters were on stage genuinely smiling because they were doing what they loved. It wasn't until that was over that it felt like summer.
I got my own fly fishing rod this year and have been totally enjoying myself with my husband fishing. We're a catch and release couple and just have fun being out there. It really is funny how excited I can get about casting my fly right where I want it, see my fly sitting there on the water and watching a fish come up to the surface to get it. Really, really fun. Plus it's time with my husband sharing something he loves to do.

I've been really taking it easy and just enjoying myself. And I might mention that I am not injured. My IT band hurt 3 days after the marathon on a little 2 mile run but I've had zero issues since. Yay! Almost every run has been completely barefoot with the exception of a run that I did back to back and my feet were not having it and a Freedom 5K that had a reputation for all sorts of different, harsh terrain. Did not disappoint. We ran on rough gravel roads, in farmer's fields, on corn stubble, over hay bales blocking the trail, and through 20 yards of shin deep mud and gush. It was so much fun!

My time was 27:25. The only frustration that I had was not knowing at what point in the race we were at. No mile markers and of course no watch. So when I came upon a drink station, I took a sip and walked to throw it away. It mush have been at mile 2.5 because before I knew it we were done. If I had known, I don't think I would have stopped. Oh well.

Friends in the neighborhood that ran the race.
Heidi, me, Jodi, and Mont

Pancake breakfast from the fire department. YUM!

None of my runs have been over 6 miles and I've been ok with that. This week it needs to change though as I have a 1/2 marathon at the end of August. I had wanted to do it barefoot, but don't know yet if that will be possible or not. I seem to be stuck at 6 miles. I'll just have to wait and see.

I have gone on three 20 mile bike rides, gone to 1 cycling class (darn those early mornings!), and lifted weights 3 days a week since the marathon. I have also had an infected tooth that knocked me out for a weekend and then flu like symptoms from the antibiotic that I took because of the infected tooth. Still working on that one.

I've also been able to attend a part of both my son's and my daughter's religious camps that they attended. Both were great.

During my son's camp they did several service projects. One of them was working on the new mountain biking trail that I've been co in charge of as part of our city's biking committee.

It was great to have about 50 boys and 20 leaders cutting new trail that day. There's about a mile and a half of rideable trail now and it is going to be awesome in the next couple of years. It's a big piece of property with huge potential.

Of course my interest is running it, but hey, you never know. I may get brave and even try to ride it as well.


Katie said...

Great post! I love the picture of your daughters from their performance and of you fly fishing! Sounds like you are having a great summer! Enjoy!

Coy Martinez said...

This was a great pictorial of what you've been up to! I love that in the summer my kids relax, play outside all day and come in a sweaty mess. I can watch them grow right in front of me! You're girls are beautiful!

Congrats on that great 5K time. I havent been able to crack 28 with my Vibrams yet. I hope to change that soon!

Anyway, happy your back in the blogging world!

Becky said...

I love your Ragnar UT shirt!! Jealous!

Julia said...

yayyyyyyyy!!! JEN I HAVE MISSED YOU!!! seriously...I LOVE FISHING. I have not been in forever and my brother has been at our lake house back in KY this week just living it up and bragging, sending me pics, etc. haha! I am jealous!

That 5k looks like a blast...I am seriously in love with 4th of July races...okay this week was my first ever but it was so fun!

sounds like you all have been having a blast this summer :)

Rachelle Wardle said...

Absolutely loved and thoroughly enjoyed reading every peice of the catch up. I secretly wish I could be your daughter for a day. Is that weird? You just have such a fun family!

Congrats on the 5k time that is fabulous! I am so glad you are having a busy but fun summer.

Anonymous said...

How awesome are you!!!!!!!!!!! Fly fishing! That is sooo cool! Congrats on your race.. what an wonderful fun filled pose!!! ((hugs))

misszippy said...

Your summer looks/sounds pretty damn awesome to me! the blog will still be here when you're ready to get back to it regularly.

Fly fishing! So cool.

Sam {} said...

sounds likeyou have been busy!! and you are such a good wife...i bet your hubs loves having you along to fish :)

Maia said...

Glad your summer has been jam packed- it's a good thing! What a great service project! That pancake breakfast looks delicious!!!

Wendy said...

Sounds like a great summer!
Hope your 1/2 is awesome in August!

Korin Lopez said...

It looks like you are having a wonderful summer! I love all the pictures! What a wonderful service project that will benefit so many different people!

Alma said...

Wow, you ARE busy! But it's all good stuff, the stuff that summer is all about. Glad you are having some fun. That trail work is pretty rough, no? Looks like a great workout!

Michael said...

Two 20 milers on the bike! Good job. I really need to pull out my road bike and get some miles under my butt. Great cross training. You sure do live in some beautiful country. Utah looks like paradise. Mike

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

busy but wow, lots of good stuff going on. I see smiles all around Jen. I love your TV rule too. Great parenting!

Tricia said...

super awesome pics, loved this

Nelly said...

Good to hear that you don't have any pain from running! Sounds like running is going well.

I love that I heart UT shirt! I think that is the Ragnar symbol, but I could be wrong. I would wear that shirt a lot if I had it.

Great about cutting a new trail, looks like it will be great!

Nikki said...

i loved this post. So glad you are having a great summer with your kids. I've been having that "mom guilt" too since I started blogging. I need to figure out a balance.

Grat job on your 5k and everything else you've been doing. I have a 20 mile bike race coming up and don't know how in the world I am going to do it!! :) Pray... I guess!

Fly fishing looks so fun!

Lindsey said...

Good to hear you are not injured! It sounds like you have been doing a great balance of different types of exercises since your marathon... way to go!

I think your TV rule is awesome :)

Elle said...

Loved catching up on your activities and looking at the pics.

I used to fly fish and learned to tie a few different flies too. I loved casting the floating line... but it did seem that we spent a lot of time trolling the sinking lines from our canoe too.

Looks like you and your family are having a great summer so far.

ashley & sundance said...

love all the pics! you are one busy momma!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I really appreciate your no TV rule and agree that would make you super busy! I find now that I have 2 months off, I do not HAVE to be at a computer so its harder for me to keep up with blogs!

Beautiful pics and you look gorgeous as always!

Anna P said...

Awesome pics. I love your tv rule too!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

I can relate to the summer being crazy busy. I thought things would slow down!

That is so cool you got to go to both their camps. And very cool that you are helping make a new trail!

Good luck with the 6+ barefoot miles. What half are you doing?