Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm loving this cold weather running stuff

If I drank alcohol, I'd be raising a very big glass to celebrate the last year! But I guess my glass of diet coke will have to do! It's been an amazing year and I can't believe it's really over. Here's a few of the highlights of last year:
*the Wasatch Back- definitely the funnest race I've ever done. I was also blessed to share that experience in close quarters with 5 other women that I admire and love!
*the Top of Utah 1/2 Marathon- a new PR of 2:00! A great memory shared with Heather and a couple of pairs of wild knee high socks!
*training for the marathon down and up canyons, on country roads, trading stories all along the way with Heather.
*the St. George Marathon- an unpredictable disappointment that will be one of those stepping stones to a great marathon in the future.
*the Turkey trot with my sweet little Abby.
*the Santa Run with Heather and Jodi.
* 962 miles this year! Not bad for running 3 times a week and the first couple of months were pretty pathetic!
*Da ta da da.......I am still running! I have NEVER made it through a year without having to take serious time (months and months) off for an injury or being pregnant or having a new baby. Running in the winter is a whole new experience for me, one I am loving! No starting from scratch again!
*AND if that wasn't enough... I had a birthday and advanced in my age category! Yeah! Now I'm the youngest one in my age group instead of the oldest. I need any little reason to be excited about being older! I'm just one step closer to being able to qualify for Boston! Only 30 more years to go!

As for running in the winter... it has seemed more like January than December. We had record breaking cold temperatures that made it less than comfortable to go outside. However, the treadmill is only good for a certain number of miles (anything less than 6 seems to be my limit) and so out into the cold I went. I've quickly discovered that my outfits need to be layered according to how cold it is. But I'd much rather run in the cold than the heat! I even have 2 different pairs of mittens depending on the temperature. I ran 9 miles in 9 degree weather a couple of weeks ago and by around mile 6 I started to get really cold. I was planning on a longer run but when I discovered that I couldn't talk properly because my face was numb and my fingers were beyond cold, I cut it short and headed home. I got the second pair of mittens that same day. I've been really spoiled with some new running clothing; under armor, a couple of vests, a jacket, and new shoes. I also got some YakTraxs for running on the snow and ice. I've only used them twice, but both times I was so glad I had them on. Now my only question is what to do about my cold nose? Maybe if I knitted I'd come up with something. Maybe a Rudolf looking nose thingy. All I know is that my nose is the only part of me that complains the whole time. So all you cold weather runners out there, what's the solution?
I've been able to keep up my long runs on the weekends. They vary between 9 miles and 13 miles. Though I don't think I've made any gains over the last couple of months, but I don't feel like I've lost anything either. I've been going to a spinning class every Friday and either lifting or doing my video twice a week as well. It's been good for me to have a little cross training mixed in there. Hopefully it will help me stay healthy this year as well.
Oh, and lastly... the snow and cold weather do make for some great sunrises. And I love seeing everything covered in fresh snow. It's simply beautiful. And for your enjoyment... we had some crazy, wet, cold fog a couple of weeks ago that turned our hair and eyelashes into crystalized works of art. Pretty cool, huh!


Mel said...

Great recap! I love the picture... you too are crazy, I hope you know that.

I'm impressed with your 2009 mileage total. Can't wait to see what 2010 brings.

Oh ya, there are a few people here interested in wasatch back. Are you still thinking about it and/or have you already committed to a team?

B.o.B. said...

Oooooh I like the ice hair. And I am totally with you on anything more than 6 on the treadmill being too boring to do. Great year you had. You've gots lots of awesome miles and races ahead of you!

Sarai said...

A gator has done the trick for taking the edge off of my face freezing. I found one at the Salt Lake running company for $15. they have mesh over the nose area so you can still breath. Hope that helps!

Michael said...

I've never been able to log more than 4 miles on the tread mill. Cold nose? The neo-prene face mask with a punch out for the nose is probably your best option. A little Vaseline smeared on sensitive spots (like the nose, cheeks, or eye lids) is great for keeping the chill out. I answered your questions in my comment section of See Mike Run. Hope this helps. See ya... oh, and another thing, 962 miles logged is an amazing feat! You should be proud! Mike

mama's smitten said...

Wow thats crazy cold! I pop on over becuase I am considering (Still in the thinking stages)about taking up running. I however never been one to run (unless being chased !) But it has sparked my interest. This will be a great place to refer to!

Carlson Family said...

I really like your blog. I am going to run my first marathon in May and your blog is going to be helpful. I hope it is okay if I look at your blog. You are really inspirational!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

I want to do Wasatch Back sooo bad! And my first marathon was TOU. I loved it. Maybe our paths will cross through running! (I live in PG.)

Wendy said...

Love the picture! Sounds like a great year!