Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What makes abs just as sore as legs after a marathon? Apparently, throwing up does.

What to write... what to write. I sure wish I could write that I had a great marathon, that I beat my time, that I didn't hurt more than would be expected. But no. I can not write that and be truthful at the same time. But, what might seem like a real disappointment, considering all the training I went through, really isn't. And although things didn't go as planned, I am simply grateful to have finished.

You know how when you have a big decision to make and you make those lists of the pros and cons? Well, it seems like that would be a good way to look at the marathon from an objective point of view. If I think about the pain, the objectivity would be taken away and I wouldn't even make it to the pros list. So here goes:

The Cons:
*My IT band decided to flare up at mile four in total injury pain mode after months of absolutely no pain.
*About mile 10 I got nauseous.
*I threw up a couple of times.
*My calves cramped from mile 15 until the end.
*Did not even come close to beating my time.

The Pros:
*I had an amazing couple of months training.
*I had regularly scheduled therapy sessions during those training miles.
*I had the best running partner who stayed with me and truly didn't care about time.
*I got a trip out of this whole thing and was able to escaped the freezing cold weather and go swimming and wear shorts.
*I got to see two of my best friends from high school.
*Mile 22 is when I started feeling better and felt like I could finish strong.
*I finished and it wasn't in an ambulance.

St. George was a great marathon with awesome volunteers and support staff. The country was beautiful and the weather was great. Thanks to all of you who wished me well through e-mails, texts, phone calls and just stopping by. I have a great support staff myself, who are so patient with me and my insanity. Now, when's the next one? Sorry, hon.

Heather, me, Angi, Missy

Man, runners are messy. There were a lot of crazies there!



Mel said...

Loved this post! Loved it that you made it into a positive experience despite all the unfortunate events. It's so true... it's not necessarily the 26.2 journey but the months and miles all wrapped together. I feel so bad that you were sick and injured. I kept hoping to see you somewhere along the course.

The pic of you and Heather pre-race is adorable. I was wishing I had my camera so I could document the pre-race fun. Just so you know... I think you are amazing!

Tall Girl Running said...

Well, you already know how I feel about you and what you did last Saturday, so I won't go all sappy again. Take your time recovering now, Jen. Let's just run for fun again for awhile. :-)

BTW, I agree with Mel... you always have the cutest pictures!

B.o.B. said...

Congrats on finishing through all of that! You are stronger for it.

And you got warm weather!!!

Way to make it positive.

Michael said...

Jen, You continue to inspire me. Such a good attitude you have. Believe me I can read the angst between the lines. I've been there more than once. Good on you for staying focussed on the good. You have your health, your friends, and a great medal for the collection; who cares about time?

Congratulations on running another marathon... think MARATHON... think 26.2... think endurance... think passion...think of the hours you've donated to training...think long slow dance... think of the example you have set for your children...think less than a fraction of 1% of the world's population has accomplished what you have...think of what you have achieved! And now... think about the next one!

Send good karma on Sunday up Toronto way. Sorry for being such a blogger slacker. Sometimes I think the blog well has dried up. Sometimes I bore myself! I'll think of something to blog. Stay tuned.

It's such a good day to be alive,