Monday, August 3, 2009

The first of three

Just a few ways that you know you're on a 20 mile run:
* the week worth of complaining and stories about your combined 12 kids as well as in laws, ex-husband, and other problems have all been thoroughly hashed out and problems solved during the first half of the run. (Maybe the world's leader's should all talk about their problems on a long 20 miler. Just a thought.)
* you've seen roadkill in two of every kind. (same concept as Noah's ark, just backwards. Then your running partner points out that there are two of you.)
* the flies stop following the cows and start following your stink.
* your whole lower half is numb yet every body part from your bellybutton on down hurts.
* the last 4 miles consist of naming every part that is hurting.
* the delirious laughter set in and the slightest little thing will set it off.
* at the end that inevitable sense of accomplishment sets in and overrides the extreme pain if only for just a few moments.

Monday July 27th- 10 mile bike ride
Tuesday July 28th- 5 mile tempo run, upper body weights
Wednesday July 29th- 9 mile bike ride with the trailer and monster headwinds
Thursday July 30th- 5 miles with hills, upper body weights, 6 mile bike ride
Saturday Aug 1st- 20 miles!


Mel said...

Jen- I loved this! I'm so glad you could find humor during such a long and painful run. It's crazy that you will be running 20 two more times before the marathon. I hope you are able to keep the pain to a minimum. Take care of yourself girl!

The Hoyt's said...

I cant even imagine running that far.. hopefully someday... Hey did you ever try the kickmax dvd? what did you think of it??