Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I can run!

I ran today!  3 whole miles with only one twinge of pain and it was towards the end.  I've really been going stir crazy around here.  I made it through 11 days of eating pretty good and then some brownies showed up at my door and it all went out the window!  Brownies are my ultimate weakness.  Along with chips and dip and cookies and pie.  I was also pretty ornery the last 5 days of those 11 days of eating good.  Do you think there's a connection there?  I was able to add to my weight routine and did it 3 times during the last week.  I was sore pretty much everywhere all last week and into this week.  I tried to jump rope but it hurt my knee about 5 minutes in.  

I've been using the foam roller that I got and no one prepared me enough about the pain.  I've had to use it in small intervals because it just hurt so bad.  But I've been very faithful using it.  I jumped rope for 20 minutes yesterday until I felt pain and then stopped.  So last night as I was using the roller, I noticed that it didn't make me want to cry.  I started thinking that maybe they were getting loosened up.  It had been a whole week, so I decided I'd try and run the next day.  I even had a hard time sleeping last night because I was so excited to try it.  I even had the crazy idea that I could run the Logan 1/2 marathon this weekend if all goes well.  I know, I'm getting carried away.  I've had some tightness today since running (I should listen to my body!) so I'll keep rolling it and try for a slower 5 miles tomorrow and see how it goes.  The only real reason I would consider doing the 1/2 is because on Monday I'm getting a little bellybutton hernia fixed and won't be able to run for 2 weeks.  So I'd have all that time off for my knees to recover.  Anyway, hooray! I can run! 


Tall Girl Running said...

Hi, Jen--

First of all, I've been slacking on keeping up with reading blogs and didn't catch your last couple of posts until today. Thank you for the shout-out!

Secondly, I am SO happy to hear you're seeing some improvement in your knees with the roller. I probably should've thought to warn you that it's NOT fun to do, but I didn't want to scare you off! I really think you'll find that if you continue faithfully using it, those tight knots will slowly but surely disappear until you're running completely pain-free again. The way I look at it, I'd rather be cringing and crying in the privacy of my own home than doing it in front of a physical therapist when he does a sports massage. It can be tortorous at times, but just bite your lip and keep at it!

Oh, and by the way... I have never met a brownie I didn't like. :-P

Mel said...

Yeah for a good run! I'm glad you are on the mend.

Michael said...

Do the half... slowly! Glad to hear you're on the mend. Mike

Michael said...

Jen, Let me rephrase my previous comment. If you are feeling strong, healed, confident, and ready, then and only then, run the half. If you do decide to run then I suggest do it for the pure joy of running... that is to say, run it slowly, Only you know for sure. Good luck to you. Mike

The Hoyt's said...

Yay!!! good for you... It feels so good to be able to get back out there. Now you got me worried about using the foam roller. After reading yours and tall girl runnings blogs I thought maybe i would give it a try. It should hopefully be here tomorrow but now you have me a bit nervous... I hope it helps though. How much do you do on it?? If you do the half good luck I will be waiting to hear all about it if not good luck on the surgery and hope all goes well.. I am sure you'll be feeling top notch after 2 weeks..