Monday, December 10, 2012

What I've learned while being injured

Tis better to have run and gotten injured than to have never run at all.

When people ask about my most recent accidental injury, my ankle sprain, and I tell them that I did it on a trail, most people say that's why they are afraid to run trails.  There have been a few days during this period of not running that I have cursed that leaf covered, rock and root ridden trail.  But mostly, I've been o.k.  When I think back on this year and the places I've been, the views I've seen, and the people I've been with, I can't help but just be grateful to have been there and experienced it all.  I've been to the tops of mountains, gained perspective, and strengthened relationships through it all.  I wouldn't trade that for the 4 weeks that I couldn't run.  It's been an amazing year.

During those 4 weeks I snowshoed with my husband going further up the canyon than we did last year.  It was absolutely gorgeous and just what I needed that day.

I've hiked with my son to places he's talked about for years.  I'm soaking up every last minute that I can with him.  He's going to be leaving for Santiago Chile in 40 days for 2 years.  He's decided to serve a mission for our church and I couldn't be happier about his decision except that I'm going to miss him so much.  These hikes together are precious time and I wouldn't trade that for all the running weeks in the year.

I've focussed on my yoga a bit more and am loving it the more I do it.  I joined an Instagram challenge to do a pose a day and photograph it.  It's really helped me see what my body is doing and ways I can improve. It's also been fun to be creative and get my kids involved.  My name on Instagram is Runnerjen1 if you want to follow me.

I don't like being injured.  No one does.  But I didn't go crazy this time.  I knew I could find things that would keep me active and my mind busy until I could run again.  And I am back to running.  My ankle isn't 100% yet but it is still improving each day, even on the days I run.  I'm working on strengthening it still and getting full mobility back.  I also got into the second round of the Ogden Marathon in May and have that to look forward to again.

Being injured also gives time for reflection.  I know some people look for excuses not to run.  I know that some think I'm crazy for loving to run.  This injury gave me cause to pause and reflect on really why I run.  Cycling is not the same.  Swimming is not the same.  I decided that while it's so many reasons: my sanity, the physical challenge, ability to eat junk... I think one of the biggest reasons why I run is to be out in nature.  The trails are where my heart longs to be.  It's where I belong.  I love the perspective change from the top of the mountain.  I love the silence.  I love the constantly changing scenery.  I love being in trees.  I love rocks.  I love rivers.  And if I have to risk a scraped knee, a banged up toe or another sprained ankle to be there, I will willing go.

What about you?

What is your number one reason to run?

Oh, and I've run out of photo storage on blogger.  Time to make some decisions.  Advice?


susette said...

Love this!! Those are all the most perfect reasons to run. Trails are so beautiful and peaceful and relaxing. Maybe I'm running them wrong if it's relaxing?? haha.

Go into picasa and delete all your photos from your old posts.....amazing how much space it frees up. Also, if you have your blog documented in hard bound then you can delete all those posts as well. Or some people have just decided to pay the extra fee for the extra storage space. Good luck :)

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

I love this post and your positive attitude. You are right, nobody likes to be injured, but when you can turn lemons into lemonade it is always good. Taking time to focus on things like your family or activities that you haven't had time for is good for the soul. I am sure that you son has enjoyed the extra time with you.

I ran out of storage on blogger too recently and just purchased the extra storage. It is pretty cheap. I upload all of of my pictures to picasa so I use a lot of storage.

Rachelle Wardle said...

I absolutely love your perspective Jen. Running is so much more than staying fit, getting faster, ect. It is a passion and it truly is a beautiful thing. I am so glad you enjoyed your down time and that you were able to spend extra time with your son. I am sure it meant so much to him.

I also recently had to buy the new storage. That is most of the reason I quit blogging for two months. It is only $2.49 a month and totally worth it in my opinion.

Michelle Dragoo said...

great attitude hon...Not sure about the storage issue?

Missy said...

I am actually one of those people that doesn't run trails because I am scared of spraining my ankle lol
Guilty as charged. But sometimes I roll my ankle wearing heels at work so my odds are pretty good! lol
Maybe one day I will walk a trail.

Yo Momma Runs said...

It's sometimes nice to have a forced break to remember the other things we enjoy!

I just had that issue with pictures too. When I looked it up, I had just filled that type of storage (the type when you upload directly with blogger), but I had lots of google storage left. If you log into your gmail account, one of the options in the dropdown menu (where Reader is also located) is Photo. If you go there, you can upload pictures. Then when you click the photo button in a post, you will find the pictures under Picasa Web Albums (or something like that). That may be the option you already tried. It takes one extra step, but I really didn't want to start paying for storage so I don't mind. Hopefully that makes sense!

Anonymous said...

I love this post! And I have really enjoyed seeing all of your pictures on Instagram! :)
I have wordpress and I am pretty close to running out of storage too, not sure if I want to upgrade. I usually end up deleting photos, but I don't want to do that either!!

Michael said...

Hi Jen, I relate to why you love to run... The trees, the rocks, the snow, the river, the hoar frost... For me, it's about connecting with nature. I'm working on a post with that thought in mind. You continue to be such a positive person. I appreciate that. Your son leaving home for two years, that will be tough. My son just moved out two weeks ago. All good, but he's gone and that's tough. He left with a "okay, see ya". Those words will stay with me for awhile. You get well Jen, those trails need you as much as you need them. Mike

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I'm sorry that you're injured, but you're doing some other fun activities. Hiking is one of my favorite things to do.

Michael said...

hny :>)

Anonymous said...

I run because I can, I'm a's where I find my strong...and all that jazz! I sustained a pelvic stress fracture last year and am just now getting back into running...patience is all I can say as far as advice will get there! Godspeed to your son in Chile and God bless his heart!

Michael said...

HI, You might enjoy this you tube video.. Vegan Myths Debunked. Love your blog. Michael