Friday, July 20, 2012

More new trails!

I've been introduced to some new trails.  And I love them.  And they are only 10 minutes away.  They are beautiful.  You may not find me on the roads again any time soon.  And it's all thanks to my buddy, Mel.

I've had so much fun with her exploring these new trails.  Last week we did a 10 mile trail run that was great.  I was actually sad that it when it was over.  I felt pretty good.  Here's a few shots of the gorgeous mountainside.  


One week ago, my grandpa passed away.  It's really been a tough couple of weeks watching him suffer and not be himself.  And it's been hard watching my grandma suffer as well.  They live just around the corner from us.  I love them so much and we're really close.  But I know that I'll see him again and until then, he can be my angel.

I was able to run alone on Monday the morning before the viewing and it was nice to be alone with my thoughts on the trail.  There is something about running in nature with the sounds of a river and birds chirping and dirt underfoot that is spiritual.  Maybe it's not that strange after all.  Before there were temples, God spoke to his prophets in the mountains.  They were holy places.  There are times when I feel like the mountains are my sanctuary and are holy to me.  This was one of those days.  It was only a mile and a half up and the return trip, but it was enough time to come back feeling good and refreshed. I look forward to more trips up that mountain and more.  And life will get back to normal around here.

Yesterday I ran with Mel and we did my longest trail run to date.  She sure is patient with me.  15 miles.  7.5 up the mountain and back again.  I am sore.  Pretty darn sore.  But it felt good.  I felt like I had accomplished something.  And I had a great time doing it.

Even the wildflowers are still blooming up that high!

It felt like we were running on the top of the world.  And truthfully, we really were pretty high up there!

After tripping about 20 times and catching myself, I finally biffed it less than a mile from the end.  And boy do I get dirty trail running.  But look how good those toenails look!


Anonymous said...

Jen, my thoughts and prayers are with you during your loss, I am very sorry! I too think trail running is way more fun than road and those are some beautiful shots!!!!(Nora)

Johann said...

I'm very sorry about your loss, but good memories last for ever. We were out on the trails long today and also said we don't need the road anymore.

Michael said...

Jen, My condolences for your loss. Your grandfather was an incredibly handsome man in his youth and his older face shows such wisdom and kindness. I do hope my recent post isn't offensive to you. It was posted before yours and it's meant to be light, but maybe not so much to you. It's a good day to be alive so we can remember those loved ones who have passed. Mike

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you were able to run by yourself and think about things. Especially in creation! These pictures probably don't due the scenery justice! :)
15 mile!
Praying for you and your family during this time.

Jeff Gallup said...

So sorry for your loss..

Your trail pics are awesome! I'm with you... once I started trail running, road running doesn't do it for me so much!

Michael said...

Oh yes.. I love the picture of the road rash... The blood the dirty feet, and those exquisite nails, such a contradiction. Show two sides of a most incredible runner. M