Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fly With the Flock 5K

 As a last minute decision, I ran a 5K in Ogden last Saturday.  I had been looking for a small race to do as an "I'm back to running!" thing and this seemed perfect.  It was all on trails and was beautiful.  I still don't know my time because there was a mix up with the chips.  They were supposed to be posted on Monday and I have a feeling they're just not going to get it figured out.  Makes me wish I would have turned on my phone app and tracked myself.  Oh well, I am back to running and it felt so good!  I ran fast enough the whole time to feel out of breath and like I was really pushing myself as hard as I could on the terrain.  I did roll my bad ankle once and it hurt for a couple of minutes but then worked itself out and was fine the rest of the time.  But nothing like pain to freak a post injury person out for a while.

Jodi, Julie, and me.  The 3 "J's"
Any race would be worth that breakfast.

It was perfect weather and the best part was the breakfast afterwards.  Maybe someday I'll have pictures and a result to share!

Addendum:  Time: 26:36  2nd in my age group 


susette said...

Wow!! Love the breakfast picture. Definitely the after race treats are a super bonus for any race. I'm so happy for you to be able to get back out there and enjoy what you love so much.
I just met and ran with Julia this morning for my first time out on the trails and had a blast with her. Trail running is so awesome!!

Raina said...

Great news that you are racing again! I hope the RD gets things straightened out.
Looks like a fun and yummy breakfast!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Sounds so dang fun! One of my favorite things about Summer is the small town 5ks and festivities. I love it!

I am obsessed with your skirt Jen. Absolutely adorable and more than anything I am so happy to hear you are back to running. I hope you have an amazing day and week. :)

P.S. I was in Brigham City last Saturday and totally thought of you. I should have called you! Man it is gorgeous up there.

Julia said...

Of course I would have loved to run this race just to see you but let's be super honest and just point out that I would have driven to Ogden just for that breakfast;) good luck this weekend! Thinking of you! Sounds like you are in a great place...just full of gratitude to be back racing so I'm sure you will have a blast :) I need to see you soon!!!!

Yo Momma Runs said...

A trail 5k sounds perfect! And I got your sweet little package. Thanks! I'll be sending you a pic (hopefully soon!).

M. Louise Cunningham said...

Awesome as always, You ROCK!!!

Johann said...

Nothing like a good race on the trails! Well done! I would run a lot more than 5k for that breakfast, awesome!

Laura Boll said...

Congrats on being back at it! That is one impressive breakfast... yum! Looks like a gorgeous day, too.