Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Small Town Blues

I love living in a small town. I love the traffic, or lack thereof. I love the fields and animals that are so close. I love the small town newspaper. I love the schools (for the most part) and I love that I know so many people. Although I am not naive, I like feeling safe here. However, by choosing to live in a small town, I give up some things. We have about 3 good restaurants in town. Shopping is limited. I have to drive 30-45 minutes for real shopping. And the gym selection sucks. There's just no sugar coating that one. There's not really a good option and the only reason I am at the gym I am at, is because of my friend, Holly who's an instructor there. And none of the gyms in town have a pool. And our city only has an outdoor pool. So if you want to go swimming in the winter, spring or fall you have to work around the swim team, swimming lessons, and swim meets at our high school pool. It really is annoying.
My Saturday was going to be a busy one. I had planned on pool running for a couple of hours before it began, but was sorely disappointed to discover that the swim team was having a meeting and the pool wouldn't be opened until 1:00. That was going to be too late for me. I was already a little ornery about having to be in the pool anyway and the preparation that goes into getting into a swimming suit. This didn't help my mood. I went home and changed and headed to the gym to find that it was locked and I left my key faub at home thinking they would be open. I sat in the car for 10 minutes until they officially opened and then headed up to the bikes. A class was just ending (sigh) and there was a new sign on the door that said that the room would be locked unless a class was going on due to some abuse to the bikes. Seriously? I got on the elliptical and hated every minute of it. My calves were tight and they wouldn't loosen up. I did 60 minutes in pain. I know, smart. Then I went to the weight room and pounded out another 45 minutes getting it all my frustration out.
I guess I should back up and explain why I needed the pool. Ever since my glorious 20 miler my toes that felt tired at the end of the run were now sore. I'd wake up in the morning feeling good, run, and then have them ache for the rest of the day. Then the top of my foot started hurting. I started icing but kept running. Then by Thursday night the whole top of my foot was hurting. It even hurt during spin class Thursday. That's when I decided that I needed to take a break and see if I could get it feeling totally better.
So here it is almost a week later and it's finally almost completely better. I did make it to the pool on Monday night for a good 70 minute run. I've tried the floatation devises before but can't get my heart rate up very well so I just ran in the deep end from one end to the other. It was boring, I did it in 10 minute segments with a drink break in between until the time was over.
My plan is to give it a complete week off, take a test run on Friday and decide from there if I should long run on Saturday or not. I just don't want that pain to come back! I CAN NOT get injured at this point in the game. I also signed up for Utah Valley Marathon 3 weeks after Ogden and signed up for the Top of Utah Half Marathon at the end of August. It was filling up fast and I've run it the last 3 years so I couldn't miss out! If any of you Utah bloggers or anyone else for that matter, are thinking about that one... DO IT!

Monday: 1 mile run barefoot on treadmill, full body weights, yoga
Tuesday: 5 mile run in Evo's outside
Wednesday: 7 mile run barefoot on treadmill (6 hill repeats), upper body weights and abs
Thursday: 5.5 mile run in VFF's outside, 60 minute spin class
Saturday: 60 min elliptical, full body weights


Sam {} said...

oh no! i'm so sorry about the pain. hoping and praying it is gone by Friday.

Julia said...

Jen! I am so sorry you have been in so much pain. I am so glad you decided to take a week off though and I hope the best for you this Friday. Ahhhh. Pain and injuries are SO tough. I feel you about this NOT being the right time. I am ANXIOUS. I am "allowed" to run again but it still does not feel natural like it did pre-injury and my feet bug me almost every run...not like I cant run like before...they just dont feel perfect :/ BLAH. But its running season so I NEED them to cooperate and I definitely do NOT want to miss out on UV marathon...especially now that I read YOU are signed up as well :) :) :) I WAS SO PUMPED when I read that...eeeeek. Going to be super fabulous and we will have to have a HUGE blogger/runner party at the finish line (ashley just signed up; mine and Rachelle's first; and apparently Janae may run it as well? not sure!). :) I am determined to be able to run that marathon so hoping my feet cooperate. eek.

I totally forgot about the TOU half!! ahhhh...maybe I just need to sign up for that too. I dont know...wanted to try the full but I will be out of town that weekend but the half may be perfect. How close is it to selling out?? eeek.

Anywayyy...sorry for my babbling in this comment. The important thing is to stay positive and keep being smart about taking some time off. You are so good at trusting your body so I know that you can get through this and remain strong. Thinking of you :)

Missy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your foot! Hope it gets better!

misszippy said...

Ack! Sorry you are hurting. You have earned my never-ending respect, however, for pool running that long. You and mamarunsbarefoot take it to a whole new level. You're being so smart to back off now to save a longer injury down the road.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Hi Jen. Thanks for the comments. I always love your comments. So sorry you are in pain! Hoping things mellow out soon. :(

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

oh no, sorry about the pain. But you are smart and I think your rest plan will for sure help! keep us posted!

Doran & Jody said...

Sorry about your owies! I so know how you feel. Well, I am not AS passionate about running but I am angry because the injuries hurt.

So glad you go registered for the TOU Half. Maybe I can keep up this year. That is if you are still hurting and I feel like a million bucks!!

trisha*n said...

Hang in there girl! You'll get past it. But give your foot the time it needs!

Jennifer said...

Sorry you have been in so much pain. Hope it stops soon.

Pam said...

It sounds like we live in very similar towns. And I have a very similar love it/hate it attitude towards it.

I hate that you're having foot trouble! I hope it starts behaving stat!

AJ said...

Its good to run but its not good to overstress your legs. Take Care and Take Rest. Small towns are indeed THE places to be. Peace is what you get in abundance. Peace of mind; Peace overall. I love small towns.


Mel said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery... yes, this small town does have it quirks.

What??? the TOU half is filling up. Ugg! I hate planning this far in advance!

Alma said...

no no - i hope you feel better soon. can you get some deep tissue massage to loosen those calves up?

Rachelle Wardle said...

I totally hear you on the small town blues. I grew up in Nephi and now live in Payson. It can be incredibly challenging but I will take the bad with the good because for the most part I secretly love it.

I am sorry to hear about your injury. But I must say that I admire your ability to listen to your body. You are one smart person. I would love to do TOU half but it is expensive. I will have to think about it.

Have a great day Jenn!

Michael said...

I love the word "ornery". I'm going to use it in my next blog post. :>)

You know about injury, we've both been there. We also know how to prevent it... slow it down. Rest is a huge part of training and it often the first one that we ignore. So friend, my unsolicited advice to you is rest, pure rest.


Stefanie said...

YAY! I'm exicted to hear that you are running in the UV marathon! I am running in the half. :) I've heard the Top of Utah is awesome. Way to listen to your body and take some time off. I have been injured for the past couple of weeks, and it is SO HARD to take it easy or take days off. I love your blog, you always have such good perspective on running and life in general. :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Hey Jen! Thanks for your reflective comment on my recent post. I thought of you last night as I was running home under the first sunset and blue skies in months and months and I almost took my shoes off to run barefoot for a bit but then I thought it might not be the best time to try it out. :) Hoping to this summer!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry your are experiencing pain, but very good decision by not pushing it. I will be thinking of you and look forward to following your healing!!

I too live in a small town and appreciate only having to gas up once a month! ha!

MuncherCruncher said...

There is nothing worse than having your workout planned out in your head and then having your plan screwed up! I'm so sorry...very annoying. I'm also sad about your injury! I hope it gets better soon. No fun at all :( you are awesome!! I'm sure you'll bounce back in no time! xoxoxo