Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Trail Run

There were a couple of big highlights to my week. First I had a killer 9 miler where everything just seemed smooth and great. AND I saw another barefoot runner!!! In my little town! He was leading a pack of teenager looking boys. When I first saw them I thought it was probably the cross country team, but after watching them for a while the guy who was leading them had longish hair and a bushy beard, not like our track coach. When I first saw them I thought to myself, "Man that guy has a nice stride." That's when I looked at his feet and saw that he was wearing either Vibrams or socks. I couldn't tell. They were a ways ahead of me and though I tried to catch them, (yes, I was chasing down a bunch of boys just to talk about his footwear) I couldn't. They jaywalked, I crossed at the light and had to wait, and that's where I gave up the chase. Feeling so inspired, I headed to the high school to try barefooting it at the track. I made it a quarter of a mile. It was just too wet and cold. But the next highlight was that my heel was completely black. That little boost gave me a smile the whole way home.
Later that day I was at the running store with Heather getting some wool running socks for the in laws. This little running store is relatively new and they have a small supply of minimalist shoes which is better than most running stores around here. They had some Vibram look alikes that we both tried on. Since they were $45 we both ended up getting them as one more option. My husband asked me just how many pairs of shoes I needed since I was supposed to be barefoot. Good question since I had bought a $15 pair of water socks to see if those would be a good option. I'll have to elaborate on this in another post.
Anyway, we went for a nice little run on Christmas Eve morning in our new shoes. It was a cold morning, but relatively dry. My toes were cold for about a mile and then I must have warmed up and things were good. I liked how they felt and it was pretty close to feeling like I was barefoot. We did 8 miles and felt SO good!

Post run glow!

The last highlight of the week was my Christmas Day run. I woke up feeling like I had been run over. My throat hurt, I was coughing a nasty cough, and felt like I could sleep for a week. After watching the kids open gifts and eating a fantastic omelet and orange cinnamon roll, I headed back to bed for a short nap. I was going to head out for a short run when the husband asked if he could join me. Seriously? He hates to run but has been running about 2 or 3 days a week lately. I secretly think he's trying to see why I like it so much. Anyhow, I wasn't going to pass it up and we decided to try the trail that I love. Things have really melted this month and I thought it would be doable. I planned on the gorilla feet but brought shoes in case it was really snowy.

It was beautiful. There were no human tracks, only deer, rabit, and a small bobcat tracks. I have really missed that trail. I love it. It makes me happy. My feet froze for about 2 miles but I didn't even care. I was with my husband, it was Christmas, and I was in the place where running makes me happy. I love hopping over the streams, navigating the big rocks, climbing the hills, flying down the switchbacks, and feeling like a kid again. I NEED to find some more trails. I didn't take in much of the scenery because I was watching where I was stepping very closely. There's a lot of sharp shale rock in several spots and I was careful not to injure myself. That's one area where I don't know if I could ever go barefoot. But I'd like to try sometime! It was a really great run and although after I showered I went back to bed, I was glad I got out there.

This cold is a continuation of one from a month ago that seems to rear it's ugly head and then calm down. But the cough is what's really getting me. I got put on a steroid yesterday and hopefully that will kick it for good. We'll see!

Monday: 4 mile run (2 miles in socks)
Tuesday: 5 mile run in Evo's, cycling class, stretching
Wednesday: 4 miles run in Evo's, full body weights
Thursday: 9 mile run in Evo's ( 1/4 mile barefoot)
Friday: 8 mile run in monkey feet, full body weights
Saturday: 3 mile trail run in monkey feet


Ramblin' Dan said...

Another inspiring post from Jen! (Well, either inspiring or intimidating.) I need to acquire some of your fortitude for running in the cold and snow. I did, however, manage my first run in the snow yesterday in the aftermath of Philadelphia's first snowstorm of the season. Only five miles on city streets, nothing like your mileage or terrain. Anyway, Happy New Years to you and yours, and happy running in 2011!

Wendy said...

Sounds like an awesome week!

Happy New Year, and I hope 2011 is a great one!

zapmamak said...

I love the pic of your husband! (if that is your husband) That pose is the same one my husband did when he went running with me last. Hahahah!

wendy said...

You have such a beautiful place to run!