Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's up?

I fell off the wagon. After 6 weeks of eating pretty darn good, I crashed. Valentine's weekend was not good for me. My husband made peanut butter cookies with a Hershey's kiss on top and I bet I ate 6 of them. Not in one sitting but just one at a time spread throughout the day. They were so good. Needless to say, I went to bed with my stomach hurting Saturday night. I didn't even eat half of my dessert at our Valentine's dinner and still felt miserable. You'd think I would learn, but no. I went to bed Sunday with my stomach cursing me again. And the worst part was I felt defeated and that hurt almost as much as my stomach. I'm back on the good eating train again and yesterday was a success. I guess it was a learning experience. I've never felt so miserable. Why, oh why did I do that?
On to the good news: We ran a hilly 10 miler on Saturday and it felt good. We even pushed the last 1/2 mile and that's where I'm usually running low on push. We have a 16 miler planned for this Saturday. I hope it goes as well. My speed workouts each week are really pushing me. And I am seeing some progress in that stinkin kickboxing video. I'm able to do a little more and last a little bit longer. I still can't do the whole video without stopping. But someday I might be able to. I mixed my workouts around last week and think I've found a good combination that allows my body to heal and not be so sore for those critical runs. Here's the line up:
Monday: kickmax video 75 minutes includes punching and kicking combos, plyometrics, and leg conditioning
Tuesday: easy run 3-5 miles
Wednesday: Jillian video 50 minutes easy run 2-3 miles
Friday: spinning class 60 minutes
Saturday: long run 10-20 miles
Sunday: REST!
I'm going to try combining Wed and Thurs this week because of a scheduling conflict. I hope that works out.
Oh, and we've got a team put together for the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay this year! My favorite race of all time. Our team name: Lips, Hips, and Asphalt. We're working on getting our leg assignments and then I'll develop a training plan for that! Yeah for Ragnar! I can't wait!


Hannah said...

Speed work is something I would like to add in to my training as well. I am going to check out the link you posted because I have no clue what Yasso's are. :)

Looks like you are able to get a lot of working out in without injury. Way to go! I am still figuring out what I can/can't do. I think at this point I am scared to overdo it now that I have committed!

Hope you have a fantastic 16 miler! Whew! (I am still so much in the begining stages of traing that 16 miles is pretty intimidating!) Can't wait to hear all about it!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

I LOVE speedwork! And Yasso 800s are my favorite. It is the perfect distance.

I can't remember and it's probably right in front of me on your blog, but what race are you doing next?

Sarai said...

Same thing happened to me this weekend and my body did not like it. You are running WB! I'm so jealous! That name sounds totally cute and fun! As I'm sure the race will be. I tried to put a team together without much succes. Maybe next year. Have fun training this week!

Wendy said...

Hope your week is going well! It looks like you have a great plan!

Hannah said...

I am a dork. I came back to the blog today and just now "got" the Lips, Hips, and ASS-phalt. Hahahaha! (Sorry, I'm slow. But I love the name and had to tell you that!)

Mel said...

Something tells me you are in marathon training? 16 miles is a really long way!!!

I'm loving my speedwork runs and seeing a difference already. My problem is that I have to be really careful with speedwork or I get injured. Once every week or every two weeks is about all my body can take.

I'm loving the ragnar team name!