Thursday, July 9, 2009

Now, onto the marathon training

The post Wasatch Back glow has faded. I really can't wait until next year. What a great experience that was. I was on cloud nine for a while and now the reality has set in that I am in full blown marathon training again. It's a little scary, a little exciting, and a lot of unknown. But I am excited to try again and refuse to end on a bad marathon. This one's gonna be good. I feel like I've learned a lot from my mistakes and am ready to go and use that knowledge. I'm trying not to think too much about that actual marathon day and just focus on the training. Which is completely opposite of what I did during my first marathon training. Picturing that finish line was a motivational vision for me. Not this time. I know I'll make it to the finish. Even if I'm dragging myself across with bloody knuckles. I know I'll finish. I just want to finish well this time and feel good. Is that too much to ask?

I've had a real treat lately. I've had a running partner. It hasn't always been the same person, but it's been a partner. It's not that I don't still enjoy running alone. Because I do. But those long runs go by so much faster with a friend to talk to. I had the joy of running with Mel on my 12 miler. She is a faster runner than I am but since it was a long slower run, we were able to run together. Honestly, I felt so much satisfaction finishing that run faster than I would have ever run it by myself. It felt really good. I'm always amazed at how long that feeling of a good run lasts. Days even. I've also been able to run with my good friend Heather. We ran our first marathon together after not training together even once. Circumstances just didn't work out. We live really close and now that we're running a second one together, it's been fun to train together. We push each other. We have great conversation. During a long run you just have time to talk about things you wouldn't normally have time for. We've also been doing hills together. That's been really good. We keep each other motivated. At the end of our last 14 miler I was feeling really good. It was the first time I have run that far in over a year. It's starting to come back to me now how great and accomplished I feel after those long runs. I hope that feeling lasts!

Tuesday June 23rd: 4 miles

Wednesday June 24th: full body weights
Friday June 26th: 4 miles and full body weights
Saturday June 27th: 12 miles with Mel average pace: just under 10 minute mile
Monday June 29th: 5 miles tempo
Wednesday July 1st: 5 miles with hills
Thursday July 2nd: 3 miles easy
Saturday July 4th: 14 miles average pace 10:40
Monday July 6th: 5 miles with hills
Wednesday July 8th: 6.5 miles


B.o.B. said...

your training plan looks so much like mine! it is soooo much better doing a long run with other people. keep it up!

Mel said...

I'm having a lot of the same emotions that you are having going into this marathon training. Except for me this territory is completely unknown. Thanks for that great long run. I look forward to more!

Tall Girl Running said...

We have the same outlook, Jen. After such a disappointing experience the last marathon, I'm going into this one with a healthy amount of apprehension. It's a bit of a leap of faith for me and I'm having to trust what I've learned from my mistakes and hope for the best. I hate that we put so much time and dedication into training then have to risk our fate to what Marathon Day will bring, but I guess that's part of why we do it... to face that risk head-on and do what we have to do to conquer ourselves.

I'm so glad you and Mel have hooked up for some long runs together. I'm sure that'll make training just a little less mentally grueling for both of you!

Keep at it, friend.

Jennifer said...

What marathon are you training for?

One heart and mind said...

Love your running blog! I am counting on you to pull me through this one! I'm pretty scared because now I know what I'm getting myself into. Thanks for running with me!