Monday, June 8, 2009

Marching on...

The race is coming up so quickly and I hope I'm ready.  This is the last week of real training and then the taper begins.  Then my marathon training begins!  I'm so glad my body has been able to hold it together.  (knock on wood!)  

Friday May 28th:  4.25 miles in the afternoon 82 degrees.  It was hard.  I was about a minute per mile slower than normal.  I was getting goosebumps and feeling nauseous by the time I got done.  I'm not used to the heat.  But I need to get used to it!  So... I'm acclimating!
Saturday May 29th:  10.5 miles late, late morning.  It FELT like 1000 degrees but the thermometer said it was only about 80 degrees.  My feet felt like they were on fire towards the end of the run.  I tried to make my pace be around 10:30-10:45 minutes per mile.  I reigned myself in early in the run because I threw in some big hills around mile 7.  It was a killer.  I still ended up doing a bit of walking up the last hill and then it was a struggle to even get home.  I was nauseous and dizzy and weak.  It was hard.  But I gotta get used to those hills in the middle of my long runs.  I'm sure the heat didn't help.  Hopefully it will get easier as the training goes along.  
Monday June 1st:  4.5 miles pushing the jogging stroller.  That should count for more.  I felt surprisingly great for how bad Saturday was.
Tuesday June 2nd:  25 minutes jumping rope.  I decided to count how many jumps I was doing.  (Am I bored or what?)  2000 jumps in 25 minutes.  I thought that was pretty cool.  Also did full body weights.  
Wednesday June 3rd:  5.5 miles with trail hills.
Thursday June 4th:  4 mile recovery run with full body weights.
Saturday June 6th:  morning run 3.75 miles fast.  7 miles in the afternoon.  5.25 miles at night.  I wore all my outfits that I plan on wearing in the race.  I also wrote a detailed description of this day on my family blog if you're interested.  Seriously one of the best days of running ever.  Especially the nighttime run.  Amazing.
Monday June 8th:  4.5 mile easy run.


The Newbold's said...

Holy Cow! You are training SO well!! I think I'm underestimating my legs and think they'll be ok, but the closer it gets the more I'd wish I was training like you. I think I'm going to die. Aauuughghg!

Michael said...

Jen, I'd say you're ready for Wasatch. I just checked out their web page. What an amazing experience, really life affirming. Good on you, Jen. Mike

Jennifer said...

I wish I was doing Wasatch but this is the first year I heard about it and I didn't have enough time to train. Looks like your training has been awesome